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$100 Hamburger: Hawaiian Hamburger

The $100 Hawaiian Hamburger By: Mark Stewart

You can download and print the complete PDF of the Sectionals, Flight Description, and everything you need here: Download PDF (21MB / PDF)

In a previous week we flew the beautiful Gulf and San Juan islands on our first $100 Hamburger. We flew by the seat of our pants, we tamed our machines and found the reward of simple flight. In this weeks Hamburger Flight, we open up the distances, not quite as comfortable. We increase the winds, flying in a place where the trade winds blow. We are likely to see cross wind landings, a common fact here. If you are not familiar with this area, navigation should be tougher position. Remember, the FAA is watching. (and no GPS!)

The Departure

IMPORTANT!! SET WEATHER to REAL WORLD WEATHER DOWNLOAD (Every 10 minutes) We depart from Honolulu at 2pm. Use 4L or 4R for departure, not the outer Reef Runway. Avoid departing right over top of Waikiki. (Noise Abatement). This is a VFR flight but due to Honolulu is Class B, we will still use a known departure. So lets use the included (see pdf) Honolulu ONE departure. So without getting technical, let’s make a turn to 155 degrees until out over the water and clear of heavy traffic coming off 8R, then a turn to your first decided Dead Reckoning point or VOR. VORS MOLOKAI VOR 116.10 LANAI VOR 117.70 MAUI VOR 115.10


MAUI, Beautiful Island with soaring valleys, beautiful beaches and a 10,000ft Volcano Haleakala. Good spot for a late lunch!


Used to be a plantation island for Dole, now a growing destination for those seeking a quieter Hawaii. Great touch and go spot on our way back to Honolulu. Watch those winds!


Remember, most smaller traffic uses the 4R / 4L, not the reef runway. Watch for traffic, keep that head on a swivel! Great Flight. Great Day. Post those pictures and stories in the forum! We will discuss this flight on the podcast.

Discuss the flight!

We’ve created a forum over at the Fszone.org forums for FSBreak. You can create a free account there [Link], and then post your thoughts, suggestions, and screenshots in this forum! [Link] We look forward to seeing you there!

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