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$100 Hamburger: Virgin Hamburger Flight

By: Mark Stewart

GET THE print outs here! Includes full instructions, Airport Information, Airport charts, and Sectionals!

Download the full PDF: Download (PDF/16.1MB)
Download the .zip of the Sectionals + Airport info: Download (ZIP/13.5MB)

Get the map of the islands: Download (PDF/1MB)

We recommend printing out the Flight Description, the Sectionals, and the Island map!

What is the purpose of this flight? It is about being alone, with the machine, no fancy equipment, out over the beautiful islands of the Pacific Northwest. It is flying at it’s purest, by the seat of your pants, sectional on your lap, looking for landmarks being a navigator, feeling like an explorer. If you are not a pilot, this could be a great example of a cross-country in the real world.

Tip: Using light aircraft in FSX or FS9, turn up the scenery, with extra attention paid to the water. Have spectacular water in this mission will make it great!

Remember you are flying over water between islands and the mainland, choose an altitude that might make it possible to make an emergency landing close to land or allow you to put the aircraft down near a boat using the best glide profile. Remember the first leg is short, don’t get to high. Get that head on a swivel and think out the possibilities.

Recommended Scenery

  • Victoria+ (Ver6) FS9 & FSX (Both on Page) versions available (Free) [Link]
  • Bellingham Scenery (Also Free) [Link]

The Mission

Afternoon flight out of Victoria B.C to the San Juan Islands and the mainland Washington State. Early evening return.

Departure Time: 4:00PM


Any single engine prop aircraft, Preferably C172, C182, C206 or Piper Warrior / Archer No fancy electronics, mapping systems, moving maps or navigators, put down the electronics and step away.


VFR – Light Clouds (6500)


Navigate using dead reckoning and a sectional, use of VOR for reference.

Victoria VOR – 113.70 (North Of Airport) Whatcom Vor – 113.00 (Bellingham – Closest VOR / North Of Airport)

Dead reckoning (DR) is the process of estimating one’s current position based upon a previously determined position, or fix, and advancing that position based upon known or estimated speeds over elapsed time, and course.

Discuss the flight!

We've created a forum over at the Fszone.org forums for FSBreak. You can create a free account there [Link], and then post your thoughts, suggestions, and screenshots in this forum! [Link] We look forward to seeing you there!

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