$100 Hamburger: Monument Valley Burger

Be sure to download the flight HERE [Link] which contains these instructions, and all charts/sectionals you need!   



Monument valley is an area in the Navajo Nation Reservation, which is scattered with sandstone buttes, some reaching over 1,000 feet above the floor below. Located on the Southern Utah and Northern Arizona borders, it is a popular tourist destination and sports horseback rides, camping, hot air balloon rides, and aircraft tours. You work for a small private company that specializes in airborne tours of Monument valley’s best sights. You are the only pilot for this company of only 3 employees, so as the pilot you must strive to make the experience for your guests unforgivable. This means providing the smoothest flight possible, and the best view possible. You should use things at your disposal, such as tourist maps, and photos and other information about the spot to give the best tour possible. Your company works solely off of word of mouth advertising, and if you don’t provide the best experience possible there are plenty of other pilots who will!


The Goal

This is what your company is famous for, it’s “Last Call Tour”. This is right at sunset where the entire valley is lit up with the deep colors of the sun setting into the West, this is where you make your big bucks, after all this only happens once per day!

  • You can use wither a small single prop aircraft, or a helicopter, your choice, but timing is everything.
  • You will be taking off from 0V7 – Kayenta Airport. Be sure to check out the airport information for any important information about the airport.
  • After takeoff, fly just about 3nm mile north of 05UT – Oljato Airport, using heading 335. A total of about 22.5nm from 0V7.
  • The goal is to arrive to the valley at 8:30 PM local time, right at sunset. This means that depending on the speed of the aircraft you select, you will probably need to give yourself roughly 10 minutes from your wheels leaving the ground to entering the valley. Be sure to allow time for pre-flight checks, taxiing, etc.
  • After reaching your first point, approx 3nm north of 05UT, you will want to bank South East heading 98 and treat your customers to the best nature has to offer. Fly along this heading for about 9.5nm before exiting the valley and going back to 0V7 using heading 182.
  • Land safely back at 0V7 before night fall, as VFR navigation is difficult in this situation due to lack of lights and visible landmarks



If you’re running FSX, be sure to download and install two free beta packages for this area: (Alternate, Should be faster: (Sorry, no alternate download)

They are beta versions, so there are some issues with the valley floor, but as long as you don’t plan on ditching the aircraft that should not be a problem.

Nolan also recommends taking this opportunity to try out Tile Proxy. [Link]

Screenshot of TileProxy: