$100 Hamburger: Mile High Hamburger

The 'Mile High' $100 Hamburger By: Eric McClintock

We did some long range flying during our last $100 Hamburger flight, this week we’re going to increase the challenge with some mountain flying. There are a few things to keep in mind with mountain flight:

  • Remember, don’t use an underpowered aircraft. Use something with some climbing ability. A turboprop should be a fine choice, or a performance single prop. The DC-3 with FS9/FSX may make a good choice, or a high performance single prop aircraft.
  • Plan out your route before hand, you don’t want to get caught in a mountain range your aircraft can’t tackle!
  • Mountainous terrain makes navigation difficult, you aren’t able to spot the airport from 10 miles out. You are going to have to use your charts and natural terrain as navigation. I found it very helpful to use rivers and roads in FS as an excellent navigation aid. (Where there are roads, there are people, right?)

The Plan

  • KGJT - Grand Junction Regional Airport
  • KEGE - Eagle County Regional Airport (Hamburger)
  • KASE - Aspen-Pitkin County Airport

Get Your Supplies!

Download everything you need here, Includes airport information, sectionals, and more: Download (PDF/10MB)

Share Your Results...

Share your results and thoughts on the 'Mile High' Hamburger at the Fszone forums! [Link] We love to hear from everyone!

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