Our Content

This page provides information on how our content is licensed, and how you can use it.

The FSBreak Show Audio

The show audio (The podcast itself) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 license.

This means that you are free to Share and "Remix" any FSBreak podcast without our permission, as long as you don't sell it or sell access to it, and as long as you let people know that you got the content from FSBreak.

However, we do hold the right to change the license if we desire.

Usage Examples

I was a guest on your show, and want to cut out the portion of the show I was on, and upload that to my website to share with my community. Is this Okay?

FSBreak reviewed my product and I want to share the audio of the review on my product web page. Is this Okay?

Both of these examples would be allowed without our permission using the current license as long as you let people know that a part of the segment was made by FSBreak.net.

An Unallowed Usage Example

I want to upload an episode of FSBreak and charge for it, or upload it to a download database that requires or pressures users into paying for download access.

This type of usage is not allowed because you are not allowed to charge for our content. However feel free to link users to the podcast on our website.

Show Notes, Images, Videos, and All Other Content

All other content other than podcast audio fall under their own separate copyright and usage license. Because we don't produce the text/image/video content from beginning to end like we do with the podcast audio, we are unable to guarantee a license that covers it all.

For example, we may be using text and images from a manufacture's website in show notes, and we cannot dictate what license this content has.

If you're in doubt, contact us with a specific section of what you would like to use and we will let you know an answer, or point you to the right direction.