New to FSBreak? You're at the right place!

While we would love it if you subscribe to the show and also listen to ALL previous episodes... We realize that we all have stuff to do, which is why we've assembled a list of our favorite episodes on FSBreak so far. Please listen to, and enjoy them!

FSBreak 22- We speak with Austin Meyer from X-Plane, and introduce listeners to Real Environment Extreme

FSBreak 25 - We speak with Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft, and he shares more details about Aerosoft's Flight Simulator

FSBreak 24 - We learn all there is to know about Cockpit building from Matt Ford, who has his own home built 737 Cockpit using X-Plane

FSBreak 30 - Danton Berube, a contributing editor at Park Pilot magazine talks RC Aviation with us, and gives tips for people new to RC

FSBreak 26 - Bill Womack, a scenery designer behind projects such as Tongass Fjords clues us in on the field of Scenery Design

FSBreak 27 - Kyle Ramsey, a VATSIM Governor joins us and gives an introduction to VATSIM

FSBreak 29 - IVAO NPO Governor Vybhava Srinivasan introduces us to IVAO

FSBreak 34 - Ian Elchitz from ZLA gets us ready for our first VATSIM $100 Hamburger

FSBreak 35 - And Tom Solon from ZLA wraps up our first VATSIM Hamburger after the event

FSBreak 12 - We take listener's computer specs and build the best FSX PC on a reasonable budget

FSBreak 17 - Mark Avey from joins us and we talk about's future after the hack

We hope that these episodes give you a small taste of what FSBreak is all about.