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FSBreak 109: Super Review Episode, and some news...

Hosted by Eric McClintockBrendan Farmer, Chris Palmer, and Charlie Reed. News collected by Tom!

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Special Guest Charlie Reed Reviews the VRS F/A 18-E

Learn more about the VRS F/A-18E here, and read Charlie's PDF Review Here!

KCFS Republic Seabee Review

Build in 1946, the unique Seabee amphibian was a product of legend aircraft designer Percival H. Spencer selling his Air Car design to Republic Aviation Corporation, to be their contribution for the expected post WW2 booming personal airplane market. Today, more than 60 years after production ended, the Seabee is still the most popular amphibian on the used-market…

The KCFS Republic RC-3 Seabee for Flight Simulator X features

  • HD quality textures (2048 x 2048).
  • 3D gauges.
  • Authentic HQ digital stereo sounds.
  • Fully animated pilot
  • Kneeboard checklist with performance tables.
  • Realistic night lights effect in the virtual cockpit..
  • FSX features: external dynamic shadows, internal dynamic shadows on VC,
    volumetric normal mapping, specular mapping and bloom lights.
  • FPS. friendly model
  • Interactive virtual cockpit.
  • Full moving parts: Ailerons, elevators, rudders, flaps, rolling wheels and trim tab
  • Animated Doors
  • Lights:Panel Lights, Navigation lights, landing and cabin lights.
  • Fully normal mapped interior.
  • Compatible with Addon Hardware and Shared Cockpit Functions
  • Easy to use paintkit
  • Realistic behavior, pilot tested to match the real airplane.
  • Addon GPS Compatibility.
  • Help from many pilot and owners of real Seabee’s for accuracy and authenticity.

Quick Review:


  • Great animated features such as moving engine block
  • Good sound set
  • Very easy on fps
  • Good resolution vc/external textures
  • EXCELLENT 50's style manual with full diagrams of engine systems, control surfaces, etc
  • Excellent vc panel/Gauges with lighting reflections
  • Simple systems
  • Interior reminds me of a boat/captures the feeling of "an every mans" plane.


  • Weird issue with the sound when switching between camera views (Reported to be fixed in SP1 in their forums)

Learn more about the KCFS Republic RC-3 Seabee here!

Listen or watch the podcast for our full review!

FSFlyingSchool Pro for FSX

Quick Review:

FSFlyingSchool is a product that you can use to better your FS flying skills. It features four different virtual flight instructors (With the ability to add more) that will walk you through the proper procedure for your aircraft (Specifically the default C172 and default 737-800, however any aircraft can be used). The program runs outside of FSX and tracks you using the free version of FSUIPC.

Currently, you need to tell FSFlyingSchool when you are done taxiing, ready for takeoff, climbing, cruising, and descending/landing (However, it does have the option for automatic detection for climbing/cruising/descent). This wil initiate the different scoring mechanisms for FSFlyingSchool which will judge your taxi, take off, cruise, approach, landing and more. The optional voice command pack can be used to interact with the instructor instead of using key commands.

During your flight the instructor will offer you tips, for example in the default 172 they will let you know the optimal rate of climb, the proper cruising engine RPM, proper flap usage while landing in the C172, etc.

All aspects of your flight are tracked, including areas that need to be improved upon, and areas that you've mastered. Your flight is automatically added to your FSFlyingSchool logbook, as well as an online Google Map of your flight, Your score can also be uploaded to FSFlyingSchool's website and pilots can compete in leaderboards.

There is a FSX and X-Plane (9 and 10) version available, and best of all they do offer a free demo for all versions which is region limited from Chicago to Green Bay, and the online component is not available on the demo.


  • Audio cues from your instructor while landing/taking off
  • Automatic logbook with feedback, offering you strengths and weaknesses
  • Integration with FSX flight plans
  • Landing score, and overall flight score
  • Very accurate, even sensed a late rotation for me at takeoff!
  • Map of flight on Google Maps
  • Career analyzer lets you track your progress over time
  • Optional Voice Command Pack enabled you to use voice commands instead of key commands.
  • Free demo!

Cons: The only possible negative I can think of about this product is that it isn't really a tool to teach you how to fly - Meaning it assumes you are already entering the sim knowing how to fly your aircraft, knowing how to fly a circuit, and knowing the basics on how to take off, how to trim the aircraft, and how to land. While it does offer helpful hints and tips while you are flying that you can use to improve your skills, it really excels when it comes to judging your flight/skills - The report that you get after your flight is very helpful, as is the ability to track your progress over time and see what areas you've improved on, what areas you still need improvement, etc.

To be fair, FSFlyingSchool doesn't market itself as a "learn to fly from nothing" tool either. It is marketed as a tool to help you learn how to improve on your current skills - Which is what it does!

If you don't have any real world experience, starting out with something like Chris Palmer's/Angle of Attack's Aviator 90 training and also using FSFlyingSchool to judge your flights from the start would be a great combination.

Learn more about FSFlying School Here!

Listen or watch the full podcast for the full review!

PMDG Announces B777 Progress and B747-400 Version 2.0

PMDG today announced the soon to commence BETA testing of their eagerly anticipated B777 and surprised everyone by announcing that the next version of their venerable B747, Version 2.0, will follow shortly thereafter. Both will be released within a month or two of each other.

At the Aerosoft Convention in Munich, Germany, today, PMDG made a presentation in which Rob Randazzo, CEO, reviewed PMDG's development processes since 2008 and explained how PMDG has made some fundamental design decision directions in their evolving product line. At this presentation Rob also presented some of the images you see in this article.

PMDG has historically been known for a development cycle that ranges in a two to three year period. Attendees at Rob's presentation were also surprised to hear that the B777 is within a month or two of BETA testing, signaling a rapidly approaching release date. That will be followed within a month or two by the B747-400 Version 2.0 and its companion 747-8i.

The all new 747-400 package is known as V2.0 and it is based upon the same technology engine currently driving the NGX and the B777. The airframe will remain the venerable PMDG 747-400 that sim enthusiasts around the world know and love. The same high resolution techniques incorporated in the NGX are also incorporated in the 747, and are expected to operate significantly more efficiently. The 748 version will also include the same unique cockpit system.

If you would like to discuss PMDG's announcement and get more information from the PMDG team, you can do so here at the PMDG General Forum (you must be a registered user to participate)

Link Here!

Blackbox Simulations Re-Releases Phoenix Simulation Aircraft

More details here!

MS Flight's Josh Howard Interviewed by Avsim

Read the entire interview here.

Infinite Flight for iOS Released

Current features:

  • 5 Airplanes: Airbus A380-800, Boeing 737-800, Cessna 172SP, Cirrus SR22, Super Decathlon (More airplanes are coming, including the A321, F/A-18, CRJ200, C-17...)
  • 2 Regions: San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California (137 airports total)
  • Flight Planning - Realistic Flight Model
  • Introductory Flight Lesson (More to come)
  • Autopilot (Altitude and Heading, Throttle)
  • 4 time presets (Sunrise, Day, Sunset and Night)
  • Weather settings: Wind direction and intensity, visibility...
  • Yoke helper for easy handling of the airplane
  • Final Approach Path Display to help with landings
  • ILS (Instrument Landing System)
  • Realistic sounds
  • 5 Camera Modes
  • Runway lights
  • Automatic Logbook (entries added for each flight)
  • Achievements

Upcoming features in version 1.1:

  • New airplane: F/A-18!
  • iPad3 Retina Display support (running at native resolution 2048x1536)
  • Scrollbars on listboxes
  • Fixed initial listbox position in aircraft page (A380 not hidden anymore)
  • Increased the message time in the tutorial

Price is $4.99 for the universal app..

More details here!

Freeware X-Plane 10 HD Mesh

Free downloads for European Alps, Alaska and Western Canada, and Western/Central USA, in addition to the Canary Islands. Check it out!

McPhat Studios Interviews X-Plane's Ausin Meyer

Orbx W16/People Flow 2 Previews

More Screenshots here!


Eric: 3rd Gen/New iPad

Chris: FSRecorder

Charlie: PMDG J41


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    FSBreak 109: Super Review Episode, and some news... - FSBreak Podcast - FSBreak - The Flight Simulator Podcast
  • Response
    FSBreak 109: Super Review Episode, and some news... - FSBreak Podcast - FSBreak - The Flight Simulator Podcast
  • Response
    FSBreak 109: Super Review Episode, and some news... - FSBreak Podcast - FSBreak - The Flight Simulator Podcast
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    FSBreak 109: Super Review Episode, and some news... - FSBreak Podcast - FSBreak - The Flight Simulator Podcast
  • Response
    FSBreak 109: Super Review Episode, and some news... - FSBreak Podcast - FSBreak - The Flight Simulator Podcast

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