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FSBreak 43: John Venema and Holger Sandmann talk about FTX NA Blue, Repaint Contest Winners, and More!

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Danton BerubeBrendan Farmer, Mark Stewart, and special guests John Venema, Holger Sandmann, and Bill Womack.

Listen Here:

Download Here

We talk with John, Holger, and Bill about FTX and the Pacific Northwest

The A2A Simulations Piper Cub and Orbx's FTX NA Blue make the ultimate companions!

Listen to the first part of the show for an entire interview with John Venema and Holger Sandmann of Orbx Simulation Systems, creators of FTX AU and the much awaited Pacific Northwest (PNW) scenery. We also talk with Bill Womack about the Pacific Northwest region too!

If you're following this project at all, you're not going to want to miss this episode. Listen to this week's show for several surprises!

Also, Eric wanted to share just a few of his screen shots from the PNW region using FTX NA Blue, check our gallery here. Of course a huge thanks to Orbx for letting us bring this content for you.


"Around The World" Repaint Contest Winners

Over the past few weeks Aerosoft was nice enough to lend us their user base and offer a free download to anyone who did a repaint of the Carenado Mooney M-20J for the upcoming "Around The World" flight. (Check out our PBY Catalina or Discus Glider X Reviews if you need some ideas for your free download!). The grand winner got an additional two downloads (Three Total) and three runner ups got one additional download (Two total). And here are the results!!

  • First Place (3 Downloads) - Kurocl
  • Eric's Pick (2 Downloads) - RedEye
  • Brendan's Pick (2 Downloads) - FourtyFreak
  • Mark's Pick (2 Downloads) - Guenseli

All winners should be contacted shortly.

Here is the original thread!

And here are all of the entries, good work everyone!

First Place:

RedEye (Runner Up):

FourtyFreak (Runner Up):

Guenter (Runner Up):

Other Entries:

Want More AU Burger Flying?

Well, we are extending the usual $100 Hamburger updates since it took longer than usual to get the last one up. But Steve has also published a second flight which you can download here to hold you over!

Thanks Steve!


Danton: FSXMark07 & Fraps 2.9.

Set Up of FSBreaks's FSXMark07 Challenge!

Download: Fraps 2.9
Download: FSXMark07

1) Download and install FRAPS 2.9.

2) Configure FRAPS FPS options as follows:

A) Disable Overlay Display Hotkey

B) Set Benchmarking Hotkey to P

C) Leave "Only Update Once a Second" off

D) Set benchmark to automatically stop after 300 seconds

E) Check box to save "MinMaxAvg" statistics

3) Download FSXMark07.zip and unzip the contents into your "Documents/Flight Simulator X Files" folder

4) Under Settings in FSX, customize the Graphics settings to:

A) Target Frame Rate: Unlimited (far right)

B) Full Screen Resolution: to 1280 x (800 or 768 or 720, depending on your screen proportions) x 32

C) Advanced Animations: ON

D) Light Bloom: OFF

E) Preview DirectX 10: OFF

F) Lens Flare: ON

G) Global texture resolution: High

I) Anti-Aliasing: ON

J) Filtering: Anisotropic

5) Click OK and at main Settings window, set Aircraft, Scenery, Weather, and Traffic all to Medium High

6) Load FSX and select Free Flight

7) Click "Load", select FSXMark07 in the saved flights, and click "Fly Now"

8) When the game is ready, it will be paused. Hit "P" which will unpause the autopilot flight and start the benchmarking at the same time. Let the autopilot fly the plane!

9) After 5 minutes, the yellow FRAPS frame counter will reappear to show benchmarking is complete

10) Right click the FRAPS icon in your system tray to see your benchmarks

11) Post a screenshot of the results!

Brendan: http://www.protu-154.com/index_e.html Project Tupolev Tu-154M

Eric: Two Picks

First: FSX.cfg modification to make autogen easier to handle (Credit: John from Orbx):

This simple tweak will limit the number of autogen trees being displayed whilst still allowing you to have a high autogen slider setting.

Add the following two lines to your [TERRAIN] section in your fsx.cfg file:


Second Pick: http://ninite.com - Eaisly Load Programs to Your new or Rebuilt computer

E-Mails & Voice Mails

Voice Mail about "Yugo" GPU's from Ben Supnik

Thanks for the voice mail - Check out that page here!

Microsoft ESP

Are you aware the Microsoft is selling an advanced flightsimulator called Microsoft ESP? See: http://www.microsoft.com/esp/default.htm

There is also an article about it in the Jan/Feb 2009 issue of "Airliners." I will scan and forward you this article for your review.

Perhaps this is something that FS Break listeners may be interested in?

All the best and keep up the great work!

Russ Tillman


Thanks for the tip Russ - We did know about ESP, however ESP was also canned with ACES. From their website:

Microsoft has ceased further development of Microsoft® ESP™, but ESP remains available to customers and partners.  Microsoft is currently exploring 3rd party licensing options for the future of ESP and will announce details at the appropriate time.

Also, does anyone know how ESP was different from FSX other than the name change?


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