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FSBreak 7: FSX Thunderbirds, X-Plane Beta, and AVSIM Fancon

FSX Thunderbirds, X-Plane Beta, AVSIM Fancon, & More!

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Joe, Jon, & Nolan.

Listen Here:

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Update: X Plane Racing Released

Last week we mentioned the upcoming X-Plane racing iPhone/iPod Touch Application

  • The application is now for sale for the expected $9.99

For more information, visit the direct link to the iTunes App Store. [Link]

X Plane For iPod/iPhone updated to 9.08

Version 9.08 is the 8th free upgrade to the X-Plane line-up! Updates include:

  • An autopilot on Glass Panel planes
  • New scenery, frame rate enhancements, and sound enhancements.
  • Updates also include local multiplayer support
  • The 9.08 update is available as a free update for current owners.

For more information, visit the X-Plane.com website. [Link]

X Plane 9.30 Beta 4&5 Released

The new flow-field visualization for X-Plane 9.30 Beta-4. Pitch-rate, downwash, and wake effects are all clearly visible. xplane

For the full feature list, visit the Beta information page. [Link]

Care to school us in what these updates really mean? Use the form on our contact page, email feedback@fsbreak.net, or call 513-201-5426.

AVSIM Announces 2009 FANCON Key Note Speaker

Captain Robert S. Randazzo is the founder of PMDG and an Airline Transport rated pilot with more than four thousand hours of pilot in command experience. He has flown nearly two dozen aircraft types from Cessnas to restored warbirds and holds type ratings on five aircraft types from the BAe JS4100 to the Boeing 747-400. Robert has been working on, under, or near airplanes since the age of fifteen, and spent almost all of the past twenty years in the airline business. He began his career with United Airlines as a part time cabin/lavatory cleaner working an overnight shift, but, convinced that such endeavors would eventually lead to the flight deck, Robert capitalized on many job opportunities presented by United. He served on the employee team that opened Denver International Airport, served as a Negotiator/Account Executive in Washington, DC., was a member of the Critical Incident Response Team, and was a member of UAL's operational management team at Washington Dulles International Airport. In November of 1999, Robert accepted a First Officer position flying Jetstream 3200s for United Express carrier Atlantic Coast Airlines out of Washington, Dulles Airport. In January, 2001, he upgraded to Captain flying the Jetstream 4100 on routes throughout the eastern United States. A year later Captain Randazzo was promoted to the Chief Pilots team where he assumed responsibility for drafting an airlinewide operational plan that was largely credited with giving industry leading on time performance to Atlantic Coast Airlines and follow on carrier Independence Air.
  • Robert has been involved in flight simulation since 1981 with the release of SubLogic Flight Simulator for the Apple II.
  • Founded PMDG in 1997 to bring his real world experience to the simming community.

Find this story on Avsim [Link], and learn more about the 2009 FANCON event here. [Link]

Microsoft Flight Simulator MVP asks a question

Nick Whittome was at the game studios during the MVP summit, He asks a question for the community:

If the former flight simulator team at Microsoft made available, in a rough form, an unsupported set of tools that they may (or may not) have that would improve the current design tools available to FSX right now, would that at least soften the blow of ACES closing as we knew it and would it be helpful in keeping you all developing for the platform ongoing?

Nick asks for the community's feedback on his blog article. [Link]

What could these unsupported tools really mean? Use the form on our contact page, email feedback@fsbreak.net, or call 513-201-5426.

A new Mike Ray Article on FSVisions

This month FSVisions is happy to announce a new Mike Ray article. Due to our co-op with Computer Pilot magazine and my personal friendship with Mike Ray, FSVisions is able to provide the article as a free pdf file for all simmers. The March article is about the CRJ. Captain Mike explains how to fly the CRJ aircraft. He is doing this the way he has become famous with: Lots of illustrations and easy to read. All previous published articles are still available for free download as well.

View more and read the article on the FSVisions.nl website. [Link]

FSX Thunderbirds

2009 FSX Thunderbirds from marty1116 on Vimeo. Find more about the FSX Thunderbirds at their website! [Link]

Quick Links

Malibu 32 Speedboat From Deltasim

Deltasim from Poland has released yet another boat on simMarket, for use with FSX. A 32 feet motor boat with two outboard Yamaha motors, animated parts include: front window, propellers, outboards, rudder, throttle, & switches. This model has virtual cockpit with panel, gauges and switches in full 3D. Price: EUR 9.99, $13 USD.


Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer


You can find more information here [Link], and purchase it here! [Link]

Instant Mission Maker 1.02

Flight1 is pleased to announce an update for Instant Mission Maker to version 1.02. The update allows easily creating mission rewards and includes several bugfixes. Instant Mission Maker is an easy to use tool for making Flight Simulator X missions. It allows designing a wide range of missions using a very intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) and offers live preview and editing of many mission objects directly in FSX. If you are not already a customer, Instant Mission Maker can be purchased new for $29.95 USD. View the article here. [Link]


Eric - Eaglesoft's Cessna Citation X. Designed for FS9 but they do have FSX versions of both. Ciatation X 1.0 for $30, 2.0 with FMS for $50. [Link] Joe - SurClaro for freeware downloads. [Link] Nolan - Formation Flight Toys for FSX, Found on Mudpong.org. [Link]



Jason has a VA comment

I liked the section about VAs. I'm a member of United Virtual and enjoyed listening to what other VAs are doing. United Virtual is a very large VA and has a pretty formal "Checkride" program with various categories. In order to fly bigger planes, the member has to have a sufficient number of hours logged in their current category which makes them eligible for a checkride in an airplane in the next category. The pilot logs the checkride, submits it and once approved is promoted to the next category. A total of 6 categories exist with Cat 6 reserved for 744 pilots. I was interrested to hear how Delta virtual operates and may have a look at it. The training and ACARS systems sounded very interresting and I may have to try it out. The codeshare program with Delta sounds interresting as well. I don't think United Virtual has the same policy with codeshares. I think you can fly the codeshare but I'm not sure if the flight hours can be logged with United Virtual.

Scott has a flight suggestion

I live in Green Bay Wisconsin, so of course I love the flight to Oshkosh for Air-Venture every year, but even moreso I love to turn my Twin Otter north and follow Door County (Wisconsin's "Thumb"). Just north of Door County, there is the tiny Washington Island. They have a small, paved strip there that can occasionally be challenging to land.

Scott says that he recommends The freeware Twin Otter from Premier Aircraft for this flight. [Link] Have a flight you want to share? Use the form on our contact page, email feedback@fsbreak.net, or call 513-201-5426.

Steve has a question for beginners

I heard the latest discussion on VA's. Would your guests recommend one for someone who has the skills to take off and land but would like to know more. I hear some of these VA's are unforgiving to new pilots who do not have the ATC or Airport approach skills. I unfortunately can just fly straight in at the moment and I am sure I would upset someone especially if I put a 737 on top of someones pride and joy. I can hear the screams now! So what would be a good VA to join that would teach me these skills. Also would like to hear more for the newcomer to the hobby. Keep up the great work Steve

We've all been there! What was the most helpful resource for you when starting into FS? Use the form on our contact page, email feedback@fsbreak.net, or call 513-201-5426. Other Links: Co Host Information Voicemail & Other Contact Info Just leave a comment (Bottom of Page)

Reader Comments (3)

I really enjoy your shows - keep them coming. Greetings from Vienna, Austria.

March 11, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBernhard Rems

Very nice. Can't wait till the next one.

March 11, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAndrew

A few corrections...

I'm also a United Virtual member and I can say that we do fly codeshares as well and you can report them (PIREP them), so we pretty much have routes all over the world.

United Virtual is, in my experience, a terrific VA, espacially if you really want to learn how to handle an aircraft and fly as real as possible. If you simming goal is to learn to fly like they do in the real world, this is the VA that loves to help you do just that. There is lots of good training material, for the newbie to the advanced pilot, and you always get quick answers to your questions, there is a great community.

You can fly on VATSIM if you like, or you can fly offline - it's NOT required.

United also has a Teamspeak server where pilots can talk together about flight planning, talk together during flight, and there are occasional training sessions where you can learn how to fly better.

I myself is in the process of developing a Google Earth KML file which enables you to easily view which UVA (United Virtual) routes you have available based on different criterias you set, like aircraft, which airports, how long a flight, category etc. That will make it easier and more intuitive to plan the routes you want to fly.

March 16, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAllan Jensen

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