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FSBreak 14: Free FSCheckRide, VASFMC V2.0 A9, Motion Flight Sims, Avsim redesign, and more

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Brendan, Patrick, Prash, and Jack.

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A Free Gift from FS2Crew

FS2Crew is happy to announce that they’re giving out FSCheckride for FREE as a gift to the flight sim community as a token of their appreciation for 5 years of fantastic support and encouragement!!!

FSCheckride is a brand-new concept in desktop aviation that allows users to create and run professional, feature-rich, interactive examinations using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 or FSX as the platform. The core idea behind FSCheckride is that the best way to learn (or refresh) your understanding of aviation regulations, laws and concepts is through studying and doing exam questions.


  • Attractive and simple-to-operate User Interface
  • Compatible with both FS9 and FSX
  • Utilize videos, images, and audio to make your exams ‘come alive’
  • Utilize flight situation files to put questions into real, visible context
  • Creating exams requires NO programming knowledge
  • Distribute your created exams on the internet
  • Product comes pre-packaged with a 50 question FAA Instrument Test Edition
    • Featuring the voice of Mike Foor, B747 Captain
    • And many questions taken from actual FAA test databank

You can pick up your free copy from their website [Link], and read the original article here [Link].

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

What are you thoughts on FSCheckride? Use the form on our contact page, email feedback@fsbreak.net, or call 513-201-5426.

VASFMC 2.0 Alpha 9

VASFMC adds a fully operational FMC to any aircraft in your FS library. VASFMC 2.0 adds support for FSX, and all Windows/Mac/Linux versions of X-Plane. This latest alpha version comes in three different varieties:

  • Gauge Version for MS FS2004
  • Standalone Version for MS FS2002/FS2004/FSX
  • Standalone Version for XPlane Win32/Mac/Linux

It also includes AIRAC 0609 navigation database with terminal procedures from Navigraph.

Complete Feature List [Link]
Documentation [Link]
Download it! [Link]

Doc Holloway’s Cloudwalker Motion Flight Simulator

Doc Holloway has created a video pitch for Dragon’s Den to try and raise some capital to get his latest device - the Cloudwalker - into production. He is asking for people to vote for his invention in order to try to get it in mass production and for sale on the market. Here is a video:

You can vote for Doc's design at Dragon's Den [Link] (Via FlightSimX.co.uk [Link]).

Would you feel safe in the Cloudwalker simulator? How much would you pay for it? Use the form on our contact page, email feedback@fsbreak.net, or call 513-201-5426.

Avsim System Redesign in Progress


Avsim.com Writes:

The management from AVSIM is pleased to announce that a total system redesign is underway. Our first priority is to do a complete remake of the file library system. That will be followed with a front page, and major functions redesign.

Our goals are simple; clean up the library, add functionality and increase reliability. As we are sure that most users have noticed, the reliability of the library and the speed at which is serves our users are decreasing. We know that this is a function of outdated architecture and a reliance on backend systems that are much more hardware intensive than they can be by updating to today’s latest technologies.

We plan to implement similar changes within the AVSIM web site as well. Modern, fast, and reliable are our goals. Another significant goal is to converge user ID’s and passwords. We want to have a user database that allows access to all functions, library and forums as the two most prominent examples, with one User ID and Password.
We will be keeping you up to date on these improvements over the coming weeks and will most likely announce the opening of wide area BETA Testing in some areas soon. Stay tuned for more news on this effort.

Eagle Sim Marine Corps Mega Pack

Eagle Simulation’s first major multi-scenery pack has arrived with three major Marine Corps Air Stations to choose from. For every pilot from fighters to helicopters, we know that each airport will have something for you!

Take in the sights and listen to the sound of freedom as you venture from the bombing range of Cherry Point, to the flight line of Beaufort, and align yourself on the Special Operations Training Center of Miramar. Practice your skills at each one as you take in the experience we are proud to offer you.

Price: $25.00 for FSX

Get it here! [Link]


RealAir's Beechcraft Duke B60 Released

The Duke is RealAir’s first piston twin-engined aircraft simulation and its development has taken a total of two years. RealAir’s aim was to offer the most satisfying simulation of a piston twin aircraft yet available for FSX and meticulous attention has been paid to the integration of every possible aspect of operating this classic Beechcraft aircraft, so that the visual aesthetics, sounds, cockpit and panel, animations and flight model all contribute equally to the highest standards possible within FSX.
The aircraft includes everything you’d expect, such as a full 3D virtual cockpit and:

  • Accurate modeling of all the Duke’s systems, including the pressurized cabin system.
  • A stereo high-fidelity sound suite, which RealAir claims is the highest quality in FSX’s history.
  • A 37 page flying and setup guide, and charts detailing takeoff performance, cruise performance, cruise power settings, range, and more.

The model also includes a configuration panel for selecting startup options for the aircraft (Cold and Dark, etc). View the complete feature list here [Link].

Price: 32.00 Euro, ~$43.00USD.


Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer


Flight1's Citation Mustang Updated - Adds Navigraph Support

Flight1 is excited to announce version 1.02 of the Citation Mustang. This version now includes the Navigraph navigation database, and includes SIDS and STARS. [Link]

Captain Sim's Spring Sale



Eric: Quicktime Pro For FS Videos [Link]

Brendan: Easy Fly By Wire Prash: Captigame [Link]

Parick: FlightSimX.co.uk [Link]

Jack: Antartica City (Will Be Released Shortly)


Various Comments from Johnathan

I kind of liked your town-hall format... reminded me of the View for FS people. The thing about news is I can go to any one of a number of web sites and absorb whatever I'm interested in in about 10 seconds. I could still see you handling "Hot News" if its something really important. Thats just a thought. Speaking of VATSIM... your show revealed how much ignorance there is about VATSIM. I was kind of shocked, and I don't think it was explained very well. I'm an S1 for ZSE working on my Tower Advanced rating. As an FS pilot (Westwind and United Virtual) I ALWAYS use VATSIM... I love it... it makes flight simming for me. One thing I've noticed in general is a lot of people aren't aware that each ARTCC is a semi-independant organization under VATSIM and under VATUSA, so the quality of service tends to vary from one ARTCC to another, and to an extent from one controller to another. Worse, it can vary from one cup of coffee to another. Sometimes I'll have a departure that I do perfectly, sounding like a veteran, and the very next departure I may sound like a bumbling idiot. I'm still learning. My point is one aircraft could have a great experience with me, and the very next could have a bad experience with me. While every single thing we do does reflect on VATSIM and our ARTCC, some understanding in the part of the pilots would give a more balanced view of online ATC services. I think another thing potential VATSIM pilots don't know is how much assistance they can get from ATC. If a controller is not busy, they can help a budding pilot in many ways, from helping them with radio skills, to properly filing flight plans, to understanding STARS and DP's. VATSIM Supervisors are also supposed to help newbies, but I've never actually seen it happen. I think it would benefit a lot of people if you interviewed your guests on how they actually learned... I consider myself a clever guy, but everything has been uphill, learning to fly, getting on VATSIM (both as a pilot and as ATC), joining and operating in a VA... none of them are really well documented. Questions like:

  • What resources first helped you to understand instrument flying?
  • What was it like first learning to land with the ILS?
  • Do you fly DP's and STARS... how did you learn them?
  • What was your first VATSIM flight like? How did you learn radio communication?
  • What was the most difficult part in the learning curve for you?
  • When did you make the transition from bumbling along to really knowing what you're doing?
  • What is your advice to new pilots?
  • If you had to learn all over again, what would you do differently?
  • What can a virtual pilot not fail to do?
  • What is your most common pet peeve tward other pilots? ATC?

Share your answers! Use the form on our contact page, email feedback@fsbreak.net, or call 513-201-5426.

VA and Vatsim Question from Jacques

I have been listerning your podcast and I thinks it's great so keep it going:). But anyway I have a question I am looking at joining a virtual airline, so which is the best european virtual airline that dosen't need vatsim? I can't use vatsim because when I use fs inn it shows an error message and when I use squawkbox box my computer crashes. Do you have any suggestions? Brendan recommends checking out Atlantic Sun Airways [Link], and Prash Vanity Airways [Link].

Scenic Flights from Allan

Listening to the flight suggestions in the last episode it's a must to mention www.simtours.net which is a website that specializes in exactly this. It talks about scenic places, famous locations, buildings etc., difficult and dangerous approaches, easter eggs and more. I once flew down to Sydney and saw the fireworks which only happen on New Year eve's for about 20 mins I think - that was pretty cool!

FlightSimWorld.com Caribbean Hops

On May 2nd, we will be doing short hops in the Caribbean, from St. Maarten (TNCM) to Piarco (TTPP)...

For complete details, follow this [Link].

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    FSBreak 14: Free FSCheckRide, VASFMC V2.0 A9, Motion Flight Sims, Avsim redesign, and more - FSBreak Podcast - FSBreak - The Flight Simulator Podcast

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