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New Website!!

As I am sure everyone can tell, today we finally unveiled our new website.

You might notice a few things right off the top, a new header, and some new pages (Such as the Index pages on the Podcast, Hamburger Flights, and Reviews), and everything else moved around a bit. You can still find the same content that was on the previous site in more or less the same place, and we hope that now and in the future content will be easier to find as we add more content every week.

One important thing that we tried to keep in mind is backward compatibly... We don't want to create a ton of broken links floating around the internet, so here is what you can expect with the move:

  • Any Podcast Permalinks will still work.

    • Our traditional naming scheme will take you to the page you're looking for. (Such as "www.fsbreak.net/podcast/24")
  • Any Embedded or Linked MP3 will still work.

    • If you have our PodTrac tracking service (Starts with http://www.podtrac.com...) this link will still work.
    • If you linked directly to the MP3 file (Starts with http://media.fsbreak.net...) this link will still work.
  • You will not have to re-subscribe or change your RSS feed.

    • Any subscription links should be handled through our RSS Feed distributor, FeedBurner. As long as your RSS feed starts with http://feeds.feedburner.com no changes are needed.
    • You MAY however notice some duplicate entries in your RSS reader or iTunes feed. Please delete these episodes, we have very limited control on how any RSS reader handles (what it thinks are) 'duplicate' items.

      All we can do is make sure that the different episodes have the same exact date & time as the previous feed had, however not all RSS readers (Such as iTunes) match duplicates based on release date... You should recieve future episodes as usual!


However, here are some things that HAVE changed, and you may have to update your links or content if desired...

  • The URL for Linked content other than MP3 Media (Such as images, PDF Documents, etc.) have changed.
    • This link probably starts with "http://www.fsbreak.net/wp-content/".
    • We've added full access to our previous server using the subdomain "http://archive.fsbreak.net" and intend to keep this server & subdomain online.
    • A quick way to update these links is to do a "Find & Replace" for the string "http://www.fsbreak.net/wp-content/". Replace it with "http://archive.fsbreak.net/wp-content/". This should fix any broken links & images.
  • Any links to articles other than the podcast items may not work.
  • Unfortunately, we couldn't easily transfer over comments. However you will have indefinite access to your comment at the archive.fsbreak.net site. This site will be kept online in a read only format.

This new platform will allow us to expand and keep on creating great content. Due to some limitations with our previous content management system we really started to get 'boxed in', especially when it came to organizing and archiving content. Since we are always gathering new listeners and followers, we want to make it as easy as possible for them to find older material, and make it easier to find for everyone else!

Over the next few weeks we plan to add even more ways to make things more organized and simpler to find. I am thinking a 'Suggested Listening' section, and an index of all of the host's picks? The possibilities are limitless...

This new management system also makes it trivial to make massive changes to the site. For example, the layout can be completely redesigned and customized in a matter of seconds, something that would have taken hours or days of coding and tweaking using our previous platform. Since we do not handle the backend server work anymore, it takes saves us a lot of time when it comes to performing updates & security patches, and then applying patches to any add-on modules, etc.

Overall, it lets us focus on what we love doing, creating great content!



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