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FSBreak 50: Top FlightSim Pilot Shop Products, and our Predictions!

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Mark Stewart, and Brendan Farmer.

Listen Here:

Download Audio Here


Here is a pic of Mark's new GA ride! 

AirSimmer A320 Basic Update

V1.1 Update Includes:

- ADDED: Basic Descent Profile Calculation
- ADDED: Various LIMs and RLIMs for AP

- FIXED: OP DES not possible from CRZ ALT
- FIXED: Aileron Position with flaps extended: corrected logic and smoother extension
- FIXED: Managed Speed Targets
- FIXED: PMDG incompatibility
- FIXED: Loss of control assignments
- FIXED: Win 7 - blank screens after crashing the aircraft
- FIXED: FSUIPC/FS assignment
- FIXED: Loosing throttle assignments if using more than one joystick.
- FIXED: Brake efficiency without electrical power supply
- FIXED: IDG reconnection
- FIXED: Ground power availability
- FIXED: Barometric pressure goes from STD to local when pressing "B"
- FIXED: Packs reopen logic
- FIXED: Discrepancy in Fuel Used indication
- FIXED: CTD when loading and reloading the aircraft
- FIXED: Loss of manual control after disconnecting the autopilot
- FIXED: Inverse logic for VC and 2D switches
- FIXED: Master Warning for AP disconnection
- FIXED: AP Pitch-Up issue corrected
- FIXED: AP Pitch-Down upon engagement
- FIXED: Indication on engine page of SD
- FIXED: Opening/closing 2D panels
- FIXED: 2D/VC panel discrepancies
- FIXED: CTD when raising gear
- FIXED: FP dashed in LOC mode
- FIXED: OP CLB/OP DES/CLB/DES speed error in the turn
- FIXED: N2 indication during starting sequence
- FIXED: N1 max values fixed
- FIXED: Active Camera issues
- FIXED: Squawkbox 4 compatibility issues
- FIXED: Ground Spoilers logic

- IMPROVED: Autopilot Behaviour - improved smoothness and performance
- IMPROVED: Flight Dynamics
- IMPROVED: EGT parameter
- IMPROVED: CONF1 deceleration on glideslope
- IMPROVED: Fuel Used parameter with Eng working at low N1 values
- IMPROVED: Acceleration Parameter in ADIRS
- IMPROVED: Autopilot Behaviour - improved smoothness and performance

Top FlightSim Pilot Products of 2009

Head on over to the Flight Simulator Network for a full list of the top 20 products sold by the FlightSim Pilot Shop here.

2010 Predictions, 2009 Thoughts

Predictions or Thoughts for 2010 or 2009? Let us know! Leave us a Voicemail at 513-201-5426.


Brendan: JustPlanes DVD.

Eric: XPUIPC for X-Plane and Plan-G.

Mark: Hovercontrol AS332 Helicopter


E-Mails and Voicemails

E-Mail from Chris

Hey guys,

Great podcast this week. Very entertaining.

I've known Cameron for some time just by chance. The stuff he has been getting done with X-Aviation is quite impressive. I'm particularly excited about this CRJ project and I'm glad you guys took the time to get his thoughts on X-plane.

A month or so back, Cameron finally talked me into getting Xplane. Because I am an MSFS, I was very reluctant. But because of the new great stuff coming out for it, I knew that I better get into the mix now and learn a few things.

My first impressions are that there is a lot of powerful potential with X-plane in addition to some things that it flat out does better than MSFS. Naturally, each sim has it's strong points, and it's fair to say that MSFS is much more developed with 3rd party software. I believe we are about to see a wave of X-plane users. Can't wait for what the future brings!

2009 has been a really great year in Flight Simulation. Here's a list of my recommendations:

  • A2A Piper Cub (with Accusim)
  • Tongass Fjords
  • Saitek Pro Flight Headset
  • REX for FSX (and it's WX generation)
  • F-16 from Aerosoft (this came out in late 2008)

I found myself very anxious to get your podcast this week. It's something I've come to really look forward to every Wednesday. With all the Christmas goings-on, it was a busy day, and I fell asleep while listening to it. I just barely got caught up today.

All the same, I'm excited for next week.

By the way, thanks for the mention and the link to Angle of Attack. You guys didn't have to do that. Thanks!

Keep up the good work.

Chris Palmer

SimReviews Reopening

Hello there i wonder if you could give out a quick mention about the re-opening of http://sim-reviews.co.uk we have been making this new website for most of 2009 and today is it's first day of opening. sim-reviews.co.uk has been around for over four years giving reviews and upto date news on the flightsim market. We would just like to know if you could help push sim-reviews in a pod cast at sometime.

All the best for 2010 Andy Medley

What was that..?

Some FSBreak episodes ago a freeware screenshot software was mentioned, who is capable of take pictures at intervals and publish them somewhere, where people can watch you fly almost in real time.

Can you remember what software is this and where to find it?

Sorry but I can't remember what exactly episode it was mentioned, but it was something between 30~39.

Answer: http://www.vacc-sag.org/?PAGE=sag_tv 


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