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FSBreak 57: Orbx PNW NA Blue Release Date Announced, IRIS's Diamond Star XLS, and the Twotter Review

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Mark Stewart, Brendan Farmer, and Chris Palmer.

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Official: Orbx Pacific Northwest to be released Sunday February 28th

From John of Orbx:

After 14 months of development, the region will raise the bar yet again, and marks the Orbx debut region for North America.

The price will be AU$54.95 for the download edition.

The DVD edition will be available by the end of March for AU$64.95 - all our resellers will accept pre-orders for the DVD. FSS will accept pre-pay for the download edition from tomorrow morning which gives early buyers a 24 hour exclusive period.

Orbx will release 1S2 Darrington and 7S3 Twin Oaks airports soon after the release of PNW. Those airports will also be available on DVD by the end of March.

Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm and support for PNW - we know you will love flying there!

Read the entire thread here, and pre-order here!

View all of our PNW shots here!

IRIS Flight Simulation Software: "Pro Series" Diamond Star XLS

The Diamond Star is our first of a series of General Aviation aircraft from IRIS Flight Simulation Software and has been an enjoyable experience for the team from design & development, through to release.

I am also proud to announce that this is the debut design from Mr. Jose Valdez. Jose is a long time IRIS customer who has turned his talents to 3D modeling in FSDS and is responsible for the 3D mesh you see in this aircraft.

As usual, our flight modeling was contracted to the fantastic Jade Island Flight Test Center run by Pamela Brooker who has provided an enjoyable flight model which performs closely to the published specifications of the Diamond DA-40 AFM.

David Brice has been responsible for the product audio and the development of the gauges in the aircraft including providing a modified G-1000 unit developed specifically for this aircraft. Overall we‟re very proud of the work done on our first G.A. aircraft and you can expect more of the same in the coming years.

More details here!

"Five Minute" Flights... Our Thoughts?

This was originally posted on SimFlight, check out the entire article and all 5 flights here...

It’s a dilemma I face all the time. I need a place to fly and it needs to be quick. Like many flight simmers, I seem to always be pressed for time, or I sit down at my desk unsure of how long I’ll be able to devote to flying. I think that’s why VFR flights and GA aircraft appeal to me: they’re easy to get into the air without a lot of tinkering around. Load some fuel, passengers, cargo and maybe set up a failure or two and we’re flying. It’s also why I’m partial to flying in the Caribbean: there’s so much to see and the airports are rarely further than 30 minutes apart.

So, with that in mind, I bring you my top-five short flights (in no particular order)...

 Aerosoft Twin Otter

The De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter is one of the most versitile aircraft ever designed. Still Canada's most successful commercial aircraft program with more than 800 built, the Twin Otter remains popular for its rugged construction and useful STOL performance.

The De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter (aka Twotter) is one of those aircraft that should have been replaced by some new aircraft at least a decade ago. But it's not. The DHC-6 still flies and in fact the amount of registered is risen at this moment. The main reason for it is the fact it is just as much at home at the poles as it is in the tropics. It is used to maintain routes to airports up to 9000 feet and to ferry between islands. It will fly everywhere using wheels, floats or skis. It's a legend.

This STOL twin turboprop commuter airliner was in production between 1964 and 1988, with over 800 build it has been the most successful aircraft build in Canada. The model is currently been upgraded to a 400 version by Viking Air who holds the type certificate for the Twin Otter.

The high end model presented by Aerosoft and partly designed by SibWings includes all versions, and advanced avionics set. It is perfectly suited for use on some of our most favorite scenery products such as Lukla X and German Airfields 1. The gauges include two high end Bendix King systems that provide near perfect navigation and communication capabilities. Of course the original panel is also an option. One of the main design goals was to keep the memory and CPU load of this aircraft as low as possible to ensure good framerates. By keeping the number of non essential items in the models low this was achieved. The Twin Otter is only just more demanding then the very basic default aircraft of FSX!

Listen to our full review in this week's episode, more details here!


Eric: Microsoft Security Essentials

Mark: FSX Scenery--Gulf Island Research (GIR)

Brendan: Drop Box



Comment: FSX Dual Core or Quad Core?

I found your Podcast 2 days ago and I was trying to listen to all of your episodes before I even dare to write a comment, mainly so I don't ask about something that has already been discussed, but now after listening to all of your episodes until number 12 (I've have my earbuds stuck to my ears since yesterday morning to catch up with all of the episodes as quickly as possible), but now the reason why I break the silence in such an early stage is because you show after show continue to mention that FSX uses 4 cores when this is incorrect to my knowledge, FSX used only 1 core at first lunch and up to 2 cores with accelerator even with affinity set to 15, now I am a PC enthusiast and of course I overclock my PC and for that there are several tools that help me monitor my PC's performance and while running FSX Acceleration all my monitoring software shows only 1 core working at 100% and a secondary core working sporadicly up to 50% the other cores seem to be operating at a lesser intensity and this operating cycles seem to be caused by Win7's and various programs background applications, please correct me if I am wrong, since my own little research seems to corroborate my own computer behaviour.

Yet another new Simulator (Engine)

Have you seen this video?

You should definitely check this out, it looks very promising. Maybe you could even have the guys on who are behind Outerra.


Regards Lukas

FS9 Better than FSX?


Here are a couple screenshots from FS9. This is what I mean when I say that FS9's environment looks a bit more realistic looking than in FSX. I do agree with Mark about the PhysX in FSX thats it's alot better compared in FS9. But I am sure REX will be coming out with new updates for FS9 to try to simulate a more realistic flying experience in FS9. Also, these screenshots do not have HDR enabled. So keep that in mind. HDR plug-in is also compatible with FS9.

I love the show! keep up the great work!



Next Online Flight...

When are you guys going to fly another online flight? Your podcast after the last online flight (Sept/09) was filled with "that was fun" "I'm going to fly more online" ect. But you guys haven't flown online since...(I checked). Except Brendan, but he's anti-social, flying out of Uzbekistan or god only knows.

So how about another online flight. Maybe a IFR flight (away from ZLA) I'm a brand new S1 controller at ZHU (Houston ARTCC) and I could possibly talk these guys into staffing whatever positions necessary to provide ATC.

Something like KDEN - KIAH or KMSY - KDEN...Brendan is a controller in Denver so he should be able to talk to them and get his airspace staffed.

or maybe have two flights, one a so called "newbie flight" and another a little more advanced for the rest of us who have been into flightsim for a number of years like me (25 years) and can handle the big iron, flying interstate.

Actions speak louder than words; so, come on guys. a flight a month isn't too much to bring all the listeners together.

After all this is the "All things flightsim" podcast, but seems more of a show about add-ons.

My 2 cents



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