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FSBreak 60: Free FTX Demo, EZ Dok Released, and More!

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Chris Palmer, and Brendan Farmer.

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Free Orbx FTX Demo

Orbx are pleased to announce the immediate availability of its free demo of FTX Pacific Northwest. The demo area covers over 7,000 square miles of the Olympic Peninsula during spring season and includes all the FTX features from the full version, including upgraded default airports, roads, rivers, coastlines, 3D night lighting, photoreal mountain peaks, custom autogen, the FTX Central tool and much more. The demo is completely time-unlimited and obligation free.


Sequoia Falco for X-Plane

The X-Scenery Sequoia Falco is easily the most complex general aviation aircraft available in the X-Plane market! The cockpit boasts a highly detailed 3D exterior and interior, with manipulator technology to boot! We are happy to say this aircraft is the first X-Plane product to be 100% manipulated in 3D, allowing you a more immersive experience when it comes to literally grabbing switches and turning knobs (unlike most add-ons that just have you click switches).

Whether you're a general aviation fan who likes to enjoy the scenery around you, or a heavy metal flier, we're confident this is an aircraft you'll quickly fall in love with and make a permanant space in your virtual hanger for. Order now and have the most advanced aircraft for X-Plane to date!

Price: $25.00



EZ Dok addon Released

EZdok Camera (EZCA) is a camera and effects system and manager that enhances the pilot experience in FSX. It offers view control in Flight Simulator for easy navigation throughout the virtual cockpit and cabin, around the aircraft, and around the Flight Simulator world. But also very exciting are the effects exerted on the pilot, immersing the virtual pilot in a more realistic physical simulation of aviation. We believe EZCA is one of the "Must Have" technologies for FSX.

EZCA is a tool that incorporates visual effects of both pilot and camera shake, caused by aircraft accelerations, surfaces, and turbulence, that makes flying in Flight Simulator more immersing and realistic. EZCA is also a great tool that can be used by flight sim movie making enthusiasts to make their videos more exciting.



Rise of Flight Changes Announced

The Moscow based Neoqb, designers of Rise of Flight, report they have released Vresion 1.011 of their World War 1 flightsim. “One of the most important things in version 1.011 is the game mode allowing you to use some game features without being connected to the internet. Specially for this mode new single player options were featured: “Quick Mission” and “Campaign”. Connection will be still needed for registration, creating new account or new user profile and, of course, for online multiplayer and some other game modes.

“Quick Mission” will be the new way in which pilots explore the “Rise of Flight” environment and sharpen their flying and fighting techniques.

“Campaign” is a sequence of single player scenario missions, grouped by common conditions. Even now users and third-party developers can create their own campaigns. As an example there is free campaign offered with version 1.01. This campaign was developed by “Rise of Flight” community members. It takes us through the most important combat events of the 94th squadron, aka “Hat In The Ring”.

Also there is a new aircraft rolled out to the airfield: Fokker D.VIIF.

This outstanding machine is equipped with a BMW engine and customized carburetor specially designed for high altitude fighting. This new engine with high altitude control gave the D.VII much better performance. German pilots will gain an advantage at high altitudes. Allied pilots should be cautious and watch the sky around them.

The new version also features new visual effects that will help Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War” stay competitive with the graphics of games in other genres. For example HDR effect could be enabled to enhance graphics.

Atlanta FSX V2 By Imaginesim

ATL is the worlds busiest airport handling an incredible 90 million passengers each year. It also has more non-stop flights and serves more destinations than any other airport in the world. You will find right across the Atlanta airport land area literally thousands of objects created with incredible accuracy and placed with the aid of pin-point satellite photography.


Flight1 Releases Ultimate Traffic 2 - Power Pack

Flight1 is today announcing the official release of the Ultimate Traffic 2 Power Pack: a FREE addon to Flight1's Ultimate Traffic 2 product for FSX. The Power Pack is an easy to use tool to that allows you to compile and import add-on schedules, create new schedules from scratch, modify or create airport identifiers, plus much more. Below you will find a few highlights of what the UT2 Power Pack provides:

  • Create Add-on Schedules Manually

The UT2 Power Pack includes the ability for users to manually create their own schedules from the ground up, one flight at a time. Users will be able to add smaller airlines that are not available on popular flight sim sites, special event schedules such as special military flights, charter airlines, virtual airlines, and/or use it to schedule GA traffic at your local airport. Virtual Airlines will especially find the tool to be a great utility because they can add their complete schedules to the FSX world.

  • Import Download Schedules

UT2 Power Pack users can import classic BGL style schedules, with the help of AIFPC or TTools, to create schedules and AI aircraft activity that is not already included with the software.

  • Airport Modification

UT2 Power Pack features an airport modification tool that will allow users, who have add-on airports that were not included originally with the FSX release, to add/modify these airports so UT2 can handle the AI Traffic scheduled to them.

  • Share Add-on Schedules

The UT2 Power Pack enables users in the Ultimate Traffic 2 community to share newly created schedules with others.

You can find more information on obtaining the Power Pack here: http://ut2.flight1.net/index.php/downloads/ut2-power-pack.html

Several Hints from Carenado

  • C185F Skywagon Amphibian, Float, Ski and Tundra
    • Full FSX and DX10 Supported!!!
    • This package will be available very soon just in time to use it with the Orbx NA Blue Pacific Northwest scenery.
  • F33 A Bonanza
  • Full FSX and DX10 Supported!!!

In the last year many customers asked about updating our old F33 to FSX. Because of FSX`s new technology and complexity it is impossible to update an aircraft that was created for FS2002 and then updated for FS2004. So, we decided to build this aircraft from scratch using all the FSX features and setting a new quality standard, resulting in a superb aircraft in all senses.

With this aircraft we want to make a huge leap in the simulation area bringing a new experience to simmers. This jewel will be available during the second quater of 2010.


Dutch Harbor X Scenery Preview

Accusim B-17



Eric: RailWorks "Mega Bundle". On steam for $29.99. http://store.steampowered.com/sub/3087/

E-Mails and Voicemails


New Release


russian (for Brendan) ERJ-like (for Mark) manipulators (for Chris) fifteen bucks (for Eric :-))

what's not to like?

cheers guys, stevo

Praise and a question

Hey Guys, love the podcast, thank you for dedicating so much time towards the hobby. You offer a unique product for our community. I have been a subscriber on iTunes since Episode 2 or 3 but due to life fell way behind. Over the past 6 weeks I have listened all 59 1/2 episodes, done many of the $100 hamburger flights, switched between FS9 and FSX (still on the fence), got started on VATSIM and spent more than a few dollars on the add-ons all thanks to the show. I have to say the Hamburger flights have done to GA flying what VA's have done to IFR flight for me. The flights have gotten me out of the tube liners and into GA aircraft by giving some real purpose other than flying around aimlessly for 20 minutes and becoming bored quickly. So, keep them up they are a real treat. I am disappointed I missed the FSBreak VATSIM swarm event last October and am looking forward to the follow-up flight that was mentioned a few weeks back.

I do have a question however; I have a limited budget and would like to know where I should put my money. I am running Vista on a 2.3 GHz AMD dual core with 3GB of RAM and a stock NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 graphics card. Do you think the better investment to improve FSX would be more RAM or to upgrade the video card to an NVidia 9800 or something else altogether if I had to pick just one? You guys have great chemistry and even the non-Flight Sim conversation is entertaining, so keep it up and see you in the skies. Thanks, Danny.

X-Plane Mission Plugin


I listen to your show for some time and loved the content and the way you deliver your podcast. I wrote a plugin for X-Plane that lets simmers design a Mission, since X-Plane lacks this feature, and I'm always looking for interesting missions to add to it. Though my plugin is still a work in progress, it has enough features to define objectives, weight ( fuel & payload ), weather & dynamic 3D objects loading.

What I ask, is if I can convert some of your $100 Hamburger flights to Missions for my plugin. The mission files that I will create will be given free of charge, of course.

My plugin is published under x-plane.org ( http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=9882 ) My simple and unfinished site is located at: ( http://www.snagar.org )



Free Beer

Hi Eric,

In case you haven't gotten 300 emails on this already, here's the story on free beer and free speech and free software:

The distinction of free beer vs. free speech was coined by the GNU folks to distinguish between "free" meaning the price is $0, and "free" meaning the user's freedom to modify the software is not limited by licensing terms.

Here are four contrasting examples:

1. VATSIM software is free as in beer. You don't ever have to pay any money to use VRC, SquawkBox, or any of the other VATSIM programs.

But you don't have the legal right to modify the software, reuse parts of it in your own programs, etc. The license for VATSIM software restricts you from making modified copies of the programs.

So it is free as in beer (price is zero) but not free as in speech (you can't just do ANYTHING with the software, like rip out the audio code and use it in your own program).

2. If you get a Redhat Linux CD, the software is free as in freedom, but not free as in beer. You pay money to get a copy, and this gets you tech support. But have complete freedom to do what you want with that Linux code - recompile it, modify it, go nuts.

3. X-Plane is neither free as in beer nor free as in speech. You pay $40 for X-Plane, _and_ you cannot take our textures and reuse them in your own add-ons.

4. The X-Plane scenery tools are both free as in beer and free as in speech. The scenery tools to make X-Plane scenery cost $0 - they're a free download for anyone, and you can get the source code and modify it in any way you want.

Most users focus on the price tag (free as in beer). So the GNU people came up with the distinction between pricing and the user's right to modify the software.

You can read the GNU comments here.


Note that not only do many developers not agree with the GNU folks re: "free software", but some don't even agree about their definitions. The landscape of opinions on intellectual property is pretty varied and diverse, and the GNU folks are very heavily on one extreme of the debate, with companies like Microsoft way at the other end.

cheers Ben






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