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FSBreak 64: Possible FS11, X-Plane for the iPad, and more

Hosted by Eric McClintockChris Palmer, and Brian Beach

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Possible FS11 From Microsoft... Or...?

From a job posting on Craigslist:


Put your flight time and or Flight Simulation playing experience to use in a fun way! We are looking for focused individuals who have experience or an interest in aviation to test a new flight simulation game. Recent CS/Engineering and and Math Grads strongly encouraged to apply!


  • Aviation experience or interest a must
  • Familiarity with flight simulator and has lots of hours invested
  • A dedicated person who can stay focused for extended periods running the same test cases
  • Personable individual with strong testing aptitude who can follow test cases, test around cases, and recognize bugs
  • Must have strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team environment and/or independently
  • Recent college graduates with CS/Engineering/Math background are great candidates

Nice to Have:

  • Pilot (with pilot license or working towards) is a huge bonus and preferable
  • Previous testing experience is a plus, but not required

If this sounds like you, please apply by sending your resume in Word format to Games@excell.com.

To apply for this job via email, send your resume, as a Word document, to cljobs@excell.com, referencing Job # Games19171872CL in the subject line.



X-Plane for the Ipad

X-Plane for the ipad released: http://www.x-plane.com/ipad/x-plane-ipad.html

In Austin's Own Words:

  • This is a really stunning app... We have taken ALL the planes, scenery, and missions from ALL the iPod and iPhone apps and brought them ALL into ONE BIG MEGA-APP.
  • And we quadrupled the scenery detail while we were at it.
  • Here are a few screenshots... but I don't feel like trying to explain any further... the app is simply awesome fun, and an amazing tour-de-force of iPad power! Grab it! (and yah, there are a LOT of updates planned for this app... the iPad is some amazing new territory to explore!)

Some product news from Orbx

 VRS F/A-18E for FSX is out... Almost.

From SimFlight.com:

Many users are reporting that the Vertical Reality F/A-18E Superbug for FSX has been released, but despite the claim that ‘SuperbugX ships April 8th!’ and a product webpage on the VRS website, there is no official word about it. Also their own shop is down claiming that ‘We are currently working on a patch to address some issues in the initial release”, so everyone hold your horses…. it will come!

More about the superbug:

Our award-winning F/A-18E for FS2004 has been painstakingly re-worked for FSX in a project lasting almost a full year. From avionics to weapon systems, if it's in the real aircraft, it's probably in this simulation!

The FSX version of the Superbug takes all of the fantastic innovations we developed for FS2004 to a new level of graphic nirvana. The 2D and VC models were reworked and re-textured with high resolution FSX native materials including detailed specular and bump maps. Draw calls were reduced by approximately 20%, and new skinned-mesh animations were added. Effects for missile flyout were introduced that allow plumes and smoke trails. New g-induced and mach-based vapor effects, afterburners, fresnel-based lighting, and a slew of other improvements round out this incredible new FSX package.

Flight Simulator Manager

Have you ever thought what the expensive payware aircrafts offer to the final user apart from better graphics and FMCs?

Well, most times all that counts is the depth of the systems, and the “extras” that comes with the package. There exactly, Flight Simulator Manager – an application written by simmers for simmers – comes to cover the gap between the default aircrafts and the most complex payware ones. An application that talks to the Simulator via FSUIPC (or via WideFS for usage by a client PC) gets useful data, sent commands unavailable to the default aircrafts, simulate systems that doesn’t even exist in your aircraft! Flight Simulator control was never such an easy task, and never there was such power in your hands for use, even with the most simple default aircraft.

Flight Simulator Manager – by Flight Simulator Platform Solutions – is, in other words, an application that expands every FS aircraft’s capabilities to another level.


EZdok Camera Addon Updated

Flight One Software, in partnership with EZdok Software, is officially announcing the release of the version 1.14 update for EZdok Camera (EZCA) for FSX. This is quite a significant update, and it provides many new features. These include:

  • The addition of CTRL, SHIFT, and CTRL+SHIFT in keyboard shortcuts to extend the keyboard possibilities in switching between cameras.
  • You can now configure up to 3 different joysticks to use within EZCA.
  • Additional movements using the joystick HAT switch (enhanced HAT switch mode).
  • Special middle-mouse button emulation via a joystick or keyboard.
  • You can now switch between cameras using the joystick.

Flight 1 EZDok

FSWidgets Updates GMap for X-Plane Mac Support

GMap for X-Plane, the freeware moving map powered by Google Maps, is now available in a Mac Version, for systems running Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later with 10.5 (Leopard) support coming in the next update. The Mac version of GMap is not a port of the Windows Version, it has been re-built from the ground up in XCode using the native Objective-C language to ensure as tight an integration as possible with the Mac OS X operating system.

The Mac Version of GMap for X-Plane comes in two flavours:

  • EFB Edition - Uses the standard EFB style faceplate image.
  • Windowed Edition - Uses a standard resizable window.

More Info and Download!

BP=0 Hidden Fix?

Two links to ponder over regarding the BP=0 enhancement...

Avsim Forums, and Bill's Fanboy Friday.

Pacific Airways Flight for Jimmy

A long serving pilot with the Pacific Airways virtual airline has been diagnosed with cancer, and the Pacific Airways pilots and any guest pilots who'd like to join them will be making an online flight in his honour from Dallas to New York via Los Angeles.

The Flight for Jimmy will be taking place on Saturday April 17th, and you'll find full details on the Pacific Airways website.

Jimmy Edwards has flown more than 4,000 hours with Pacific Airways in the last couple of years, and his son Travis wanted to organise this flight to honour Jimmy through the hobby that has brought both of them so much enjoyment.

You don't need to join the VA to participate in the flight to support Jimmy, and you are welcome just to fly any part of the route you choose or time your arrival at an airport to coincide with everyone else.

 More information about the flight...


Eric: Boxee and FixWin

Chris: FSGroundSchool

Brian: iPhone Megaphone Application

E-Mails and Voicemails

Freeware X-Plane FMC

This is with great pleasure we release our first FMC Freeware beta !

This plugin gives you the possibility to use a (almost) full working FMC to any of your X-plane aircraft ! (plane with custom A/P like x737 and a320fly by wire will not work)

This project was started end of December 2009.

There is still a lot of beta testing to be done but things move quite fast.

As for now, this FMC is only working on Windows. (Sorry no Linux, No Mac yet) We plan to port the plugin to other OS but later...

A short manual has been written to help you using this plugin but you must have a basic knowledge of FMC first !

Here are the main specs :

  • Fully designed FMC
  • Included sounds for more realism
  • Configurable behaviour for each plane (via config files)
  • Direct integration to X-PlaneUpdatable Navdata (using x-plane navdata and navigraph)
  • Include SID / STAR
  • Even more...

Please visit X-FMC Plugin Website for more information !



Another great FS Videographer

Hello, I listen to your great shows since a few month and I heared most of them. I also listened to the one with Cody alias Jaggyroad which brought me to the idea to lead you to another great FS movie specialist. I know there are many of so called movie makers on Youtube, but this one seems to be top of the crop. I'm refering to Varioflight / Andreas Paschen.

I recommend you to download the HD version on Vimeo, you have to register to be able to download the uncompressed 720P version but it's worth it. Check out his homepage on vimeo :


He even has some videos in 3D and he has done some commercial work for ORBX: http://www.vimeo.com/1520262

I downloaded his stuff and looked it on my 46" LCD with surround system over my PS3 on USB stick and wow, it's a symphony of pictures perfectly coordinated with the soundtrack.


Best regards.

Samuel Dickes

FS PC Up to $2,000?

Hi Eric and crew

I listen to your podcast regularily and love Fsx

I m thinking about buying high spec pc to run fsx at all it's glory, can you reccomend a machine please up to $2000


Tom UK


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