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FSBreak 68: REX Launches for X-Plane, and Orbx Sale!

Hosted by Eric McClintockBrendan Farmer, and Chris Palmer.

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REX Launches for X-Plane



With the implementation of REX for X-Plane, Real Environment Simulations operates a new, dedicated weather server that enables more up-to-the-minute and accurate weather updates and depiction, with the ability to hold past weather archives. This technology combined with the Weather Sync option that enhances METAR smoothing/probing features within the X-Plane weather environment is sure to please.

Price $29.99

Aerosoft CRJ Under Development

Screenshots Here!

2S1 Vashon Municipal from Orbx

Those of you who know me know I love trying to take an artistic approach to airstrip scenery. This beautiful little island strip is a charmer in a real life, but needed some new approaches to landscape, vegetation and so on, particularly to capture that rural, long grass, and hedges feel. I've also experimented with the Control Panel taking ideas from Bill's changeable seasonal scenery so there will be custom made seasonal vegetation, plus an airshow/fly-in day which can be switched in and out. Of course all buildings, signs, lights, and squirrel boxes are custom modelled for this one!

I originally put up a post trying to find someone in the States or Canada who could help with photos, because I love to custom model airstrips and Dave Kester (simtechdave) responded, and has been filling me in on life in the States (seen from a Texan living in Seattle's point of view!), and taking great photos for me. He's also begun the long journey of scenery design and is working up the scenery placements for Wax Orchards as I type! So thanks from me Dave. Thanks also to to Neil and Holger for their early input and continuing assistance.


30%-50% Off All Orbx Products

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Eaglesoft DA42 Twin Star


Eaglesoft Diamond DA42 Twin Star is offered for either FS9/SP1 or FSX/SP2/DX10 Preview. The Eaglesoft Diamond DA42 Twin Star sets the new standard for realistic Diamond Twin Star General Aviation Aircraft use in Microsoft Flight Simulator. With the help, advice, and testing by real world Twin Star pilots the Eaglesoft Diamond DA42 Twin Star model faithfully replicates the original Diamond DA42 Twin Star Diesel Engine Line.

The Diamond DA42-tdi Twin Star is the world's first and only piston aircraft combining an advanced Airframe, Avionics and Twin Engines. The airframe is composed of an advanced aerodynamic and crash-worthy carbon fiber composite structure. With the revolutionary Turbo-Charged Jet Fuel TAE Centurion compression ignition piston engine, the Twin Star is the undisputed piston engine technology leader in GA aircraft. With a remarkably low fuel consumption, the DA42-tdi was the first Diesel-Powered GA aircraft in history to cross the Atlantic Ocean non-stop.

Eastern Airlines VA Interview

Learn more about Eastern Airlines VA.


Eric: http://store.steampowered.com/freeportal/

Chris: http://www.ezdok-software.com/

Brendan: http://www.irissimulations.com/home.php

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Lost LogBook



My question for the group is a concern I have with the Pilot Records in FSX, and FS9 for that matter. How many of you have spent time logging hours and hours of flight time and earning rewards, and then for one reason or another your system crashes or for some reason you have to re-install Flight Simulator, and you lose all your records and rewards, and all that flight time is lost. Now I’m shure there is a file somewhere where these records reside that you may be able to save and re-install but I cannot find it on my system. If anyone out there has a solution. Or can tell me how this can be done, please share it with the rest of us either by e-mail, or here on the forum. I wanted to bring it up as a discussion on the podcast, but the “Contact Us” link did not work. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks, Phil Raulston “BigDBlue”


Have you guy's seen Redeye's video using EZdock? His talants amaze me.



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