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FSBreak 74: REX Overdrive and ZLA California Screamin'

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Chris Palmer and Brendan Farmer.

Listen Here:

Download Audio Here

California Screamin' Event!

This, the thirteenth in a long and successful series of large scale events is the product of support from not only the staffs of ZLA and ZOA, but also the members of supporting ARTCC's bordering the two west coast centers, including Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver and Albuquerque ARTCC's.

Pilots are encouraged to reserve times slots from the CalScream.com website made available by 11th Street Technologies. "We've put together a database of over 800 flights available within the sectors covered by the event," said newly appointed Oakland Chief, Michael Mund-Hoym. "This isn't just a 'big airport' flyin. We also like to highlight the smaller fields that don't normally receive traffic on a regular basis - and that's what makes this event so special."

Unlike most other flyins, California Screamin' isn't a 'follow-the-leader' type of event. It is commonplace for pilots to see other traffic going many different directions all in some of the most complex airspace in the nation. Traffic advisories, altitude restrictions and other commonly unused online air traffic management techniques are called into play for CalScream.


OZx Freeware Scenery Feature from Darren Currie

Check it out here! The fans also love this scenery, below is an E-Mail from Steve!

Just thought I'd give you guys a quick heads-up that there are 2 Aussie-X FREE adddons releases. Maybe you could give us a quick plug on the show?!

As you already know Aussie-X scenery is designed to blend best with the excellent ORBX payware scenery, but can be used independently. All the Aussie-X scenery is made by dedicated volunteers, and is not a commercial venture, so the project relies solely on donations.


The first new release is Aussie-X 3.2 which includes 10 new highly detailed fields and dozens of upgrades for existing Aussie-X airfields in Australia. There are now well over 400 Australian airstrips modelled (we've lost count!), and thousands of wheat silos, VFR landmarks, mines in the Aussie-X package.

The second freeware release is "Aussie-X North America - Small Fields 1.0". This includes 16 brilliant freeware fields for the PNW. Many of these are payware quality, and there is some groundbreaking texture tech being used.

You have to see the quality of these fields to believe it!


REX Overdrive

Introducing REX OverDrive, a 9.9GB FREE High Definition texture upgrade for REX FSX!

REX customers will enjoy this FREE gift of 256 cirrus and 192 3D cumulus and stratus cloud formations, 2 sets of asphalt runways, 1 set concrete runways, 9 sets asphalt taxiways, 9 sets of concrete taxiways, 1 set of a snowy runway, 6 sets of dawn sky colors, 19 sets of day sky colors, 8 sets of dusk sky colors, 2 sets of tropical water and reef textures, and 11 sets of wave animations. ALL in HD quality! (User-scalable). Some of these areas in the current version of REX are not HD, which are now offered as part of this package.


Vireos Simulations

Vireos Simulations defines realism as the most accurate flight schedules possible, real sector dimensions, correct entry and exit policies, and radar presentation. Airline flight schedules are built with real timetables and general aviation with realistic activity considering time of day and season. However, the simulation also includes the element of randomness. During the initialization of the simulator, departure and arrival times are modified to ensure a unique experience each and every session. Upper level winds will also add to your challenging and changing experience. Together, these strategies help us create the most realistic simulation available today.


Would you use a stand alone ATC simulator?

Airport Enhancer HDX


  • Runway Textures – Includes the most detailed runways ever seen in FSX at 4096×4096 pixels. A first for FSX!
  • Taxiway Textures -Includes a wide variety of ridiculously detailed concrete and asphalt textures.
  • Parking Textures – Includes extremely detailed airport parking spaces in numerous flavors.
  • Jetway Textures – Includes a two brand spanking new jetway textures so detailed that you can almost taste the smell of the jet-fuel stain that they feature.
  • Gate Textures – Includes brighter and more focused runway lighting along with a more natural airplane lighting system. Includes a remade gate texture that is 4 times more detailed than the FSX default.
  • Marking Textures – Includes two new taxiway and runway marking tweaked to match those found in real airports.
  • Grass Textures - Features a state of the art, photoreal perfectly tiled grass texture.
  • Airport Sign Textures – Features tweaked and remade airport signs that match those found in airport around the world.
  • Surface Refraction (wet surfaces) – Includes a tweaked and much more realistic surface refraction texture that gives the runways and taxiways that perfect realistic wet look

FS Log Explorer



  • Flight Time categorized by aircraft class as well as single and multi-engine
  • Aircraft categorized by class, model and type
  • Flight Distance in nautical miles calculated for each flight
  • Filter, Sort and Group your flights to view your logbook any way you choose
  • Google Map Integration - View your flight on Google Maps
  • Reports, 2D Charts and 3D Charts created from your FSX Logbook
  • Export Reports and Charts to PDF or Excel
  • Need a Report or Chart that we didn't include? Request one!

Do you see a log explorer like this useful? Send a message!


Brendan: Wilco EJets V2

Eric: Gigabyte CloudOC Utility

Darren: VATSIM & A2A P-51



Alternative Fueled Aircrafts

A couple of podcast ago you guys were talking about alternative fuels in airplanes. I have two points/ in this conversation.

1) You said that solar powered planes would have no use at the current time, however this is a option that is being researched by the military. The ability to remain in the air indefinitely would be extremely useful for the military UAV's allowing them to look at a area for weeks for months at a time.

2) In regards to nuclear powered planes. The both the US and USSR were actively researching this method of powered flight. This also would allow them to remain in flight indefinitely, however, this would have been used to deliver nuclear weapons to a target. I believe this was flown, however I might be wrong. The project was scraped because of the development of nuclear submarines. However, it has been brought up again for possible use in UAV's .

Links to nuclear flight video(s): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S86zRMehs-A&feature=related Is the 1st of a 5 part series about this program.


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