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August 22nd: CalScream XIII Event

Representatives from the Los Angeles ARTCC and the Oakland ARTCC today announced plans for their latest intallment of California Screamin', to be held on Sunday, August 22, 2010 from 1700z (1000PST) to 2200z.

This, the thirteenth in a long and successful series of large scale events is the product of support from not only the staffs of ZLA and ZOA, but also the members of supporting ARTCC's bordering the two west coast centers, including Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver and Albuquerque ARTCC's.

Airports serviced in the participating regions include some of the largest in the nation. "We're excited to feature the most realistic air traffic management offered online by linking airports such as Los Angeles International, Las Vegas McCarren International, San Francisco International and Oakland International," said ZLA ARTCC ATM Ian Elchitz. "This event benefits both the participating pilots and controllers in that it provides real-time traffic simulation as if it were the real thing."

Pilots are encouraged to reserve times slots from the CalScream.com website made available by 11th Street Technologies. "We've put together a database of over 800 flights available within the sectors covered by the event," said newly appointed Oakland Chief, Michael Mund-Hoym. "This isn't just a 'big airport' flyin. We also like to highlight the smaller fields that don't normally receive traffic on a regular basis - and that's what makes this event so special."

Unlike most other flyins, California Screamin' isn't a 'follow-the-leader' type of event. It is commonplace for pilots to see other traffic going many different directions all in some of the most complex airspace in the nation. Traffic advisories, altitude restrictions and other commonly unused online air traffic management techniques are called into play for CalScream.

"We just like to make sure everyone has a chance to experience the real-life situations professional controllers and pilots deal with day in and day out," Elchitz said. "The flightboard enables pilots to be pushing back from their gates approximately at the same time the real flights are starting up their engines."


For more information about the California Screamin' event, please visit the OFFICIAL PAGE at http://www.CalScream.com


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