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FSBreak 101: MS Flight and X-Plane 10!

Hosted by Eric McClintockChris Palmer, and Brendan Farmer.

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MS Flight Performance Specs

Amongst the most popular questions the Flight team has been asked via e-mails to msflight@microsoft.com are those about the release date and game performance. While we aren’t quite ready to talk about a release date, we did want to share a bit about our approach towards performance and hardware.

Performance optimization has been a core focus of our development from an early stage. To achieve this, we constantly monitored game performance metrics across a range of hardware configurations and reacted each time we saw a new feature or code change that caused a dip below the established thresholds. The end result is that Flight looks fantastic on a brand new PC, but because of the emphasis on performance throughout development, it also runs well on older desktops and budget laptops.

We’ve found the game runs well on low graphics settings with hardware meeting the following specifications:

  • CPU: Dual Core 2.0 GHz
  • GPU: 256 MB card capable of shader 3.0 (DX 9.0c compliant)
  • HD: 10 GB Hard Drive space
  • OS: WinXP SP3
  • RAM: 2.0GB

It was also one of our goals to ensure that the game can run well with high settings on hardware that is attainable today. Based on our testing of core scenarios, the game runs smoothly on high graphics settings with the following hardware specifications:

  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 960 @ 3.20GHz, AMD® Phenom™ II X6 1100T 3.3 GHz or better
  • GPU: ATI Radeon™ HD 5870, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 or better
  • HD: 10 GB Hard Drive space
  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • RAM: 6GB

Link here with more information and sample screenshots!

MS Flight November Shots

Check them out here!

More X-Plane 10 Previews

There have been many more X-Plane 10 screenshot previews, here and here!

Austin Flying X-Plane 10 Beta at FSWeekend

Austin presenting X-Plane 10 at FSWeekend

This is part 1 of a 6 part series, for all videos see this youtube page!

Justflight 757 "Freemium" Development

The accurate and detailed external model is accompanied by a high quality interactive 3D Virtual Cockpit with custom FMC (Flight Management Computer), accurate animations, custom flight dynamics, realistic aircraft lighting effects, stunning external textures and the full complement of lighting effects. A comprehensive manual including flight tutorial and FMC guide is also included.

If you'd like to expand the 757 Jetliner experience, you can pick and choose from a range of 30 additional models and liveries that are available to download in pairs for less than £1 each - see them all on the 757 Freemium Livery Packs page!

Each pack contains two new liveries and, depending on your choice, -200, -300, winglet, non-winglet, RB211 engines, Pratt & Whitney engines, and Cargo or Military models. The Pratt & Whitney engine packs have a custom engine sound set included.

Alternatively, you can buy all 15 packs in one bundle for £19.99 / €24.95 / $29.99

Visit the product page here, what are your thoughts on this model of devlopment? 

Orbx Fall City Airport (1WA6) and new "Vehicle Flow"

Information on Vehicle Flow here, and the update for 1WA6!

Infinite Flight announced for iOS

Flying Development Studio LLC, the company behind Infinite Flight, the flight simulator for Windows Phone 7 is pleased to announce Infinite Flight for iOS.

Infinite Flight for iOS will bring support to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices in the next few months. All the features that are already present in Infinite Flight 2.0 will make it into this new release. These include 10+ aircrafts, realistic physics simulation, heads up display, autopilot, 2 regions with 140+ airports, time of day, configurable weather settings, tutorials, leaderboards, online logbook and more.

To accomplish this port to iOS, Flying Development Studio is using MonoTouch and a custom branch of the open source project MonoGame to which they added OpenGL ES 3D support.

More information on it here.

Wilga X from Aerosoft Released

The PZL-104 Wilga 35A is a remarkable aircraft. It was designed in the early 1960’s and it took many evisions before the developers got to the version that became a standard aircraft on many Eastern European airfields. After the collapse of the Berlin Wall many of the Wilga’s found new homes in Western countries where they still work like the reliable and sturdy aircraft the designers had in mind.

If you are only used to Cessna?s or other western GA aircraft the Wilga is a bit of a shock. It?s far larger then it seems to be from a distance. It also looks weird with the long undercarriage and the huge engine and propeller. Flying the Wilga is also something special. It is totally utilitarian, a bit slow (drag is as huge as the engine is) and it feels like a much larger aircraft. But it is totally dependable, very easy to fly and you can land on a dime. It can even take up three (!) gliders at the same time.

Screenshots and product information here!

Mt Washington, NH Freeware Photoreal Scenery Released

Free Download!

Computer Pilot November/December Issue Released for Free

Completely free, download away!

Flying Wild Alaska Season 2 and Ice Pilots NWT (Canada) Started

Also, Flying Wild Alaska season 1 on streaming Netflix

Flying Wild Alaska, Fridays at 10PM Eastern/Pacific on Discovery (Also on itunes)

Ice Pilots, Wednesdays at 8PM Eastern on "History Television" in Canada.


Eric: Wolfram Alpha adds Flight Info, try this!


FAA to start charging for charts?

I thought you guys might be interested in this for a show topic...



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