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FSBreak 89 - CRJ 200 is on!

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Chris Palmer, and Nick Collett. News collected by Tom!

Listen Here:

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OZx reintegrating with Orbx

Following discussions between Orbx and the OZx committee, a decision has been reached to re-integrate the OZx team back into the Orbx development team. For those who are not aware, the OZx team began life as the freeware development arm of the Orbx development team back in 2007, but was spun off due to the increasing management burden.

The freeware developers will continue to work completely autonomously within the Orbx infrastructure, and all decisions about projects and design will be left to the freeware committee. This move will place no additional burden on the current Orbx team since they won't have direct management input into freeware projects. Of course the advantage to the freeware developers is having the rich Orbx libraries at their disposal and access to the extensive technical expertise and resources of the payware development team.

There is another benefit in that budding young scenery developers who produce a high quality project may be offered the opportunity to publish their work as Orbx payware addons. OZx has in the past fostered many of the talented Orbx developers and this tradition will continue.

The OZx portal will continue to grow and evolve as it hosts one of the finest repaint collections on the net, and many other freeware projects will continue to be hosted as part of that popular community.

Signed, Ken, Ed, Jay and Orbx CEO John 'Koorby' Venema

Needless to say we are very excited and this development will bring so much to the development of freeware airfields, this in my honest opinion is the best thing we could have done to ensure freeware development with the shortest route available for years to come!

More Details Here!

Aerosoft H36 Dimona Motorglider Preview

 Video featuring prop physics:

Preview screenshots here!

Aerosoft Diamond DA20-100 Katana for FSX Released

The DA20-100 Katana is proof of the old aviation saying that what looks good will fly good. It`s a sleek little aircraft made from composites. Intended to be a trainer aircraft it is now used by private pilots who enjoy the great performance and low cost per hour.

This aircraft for FSX has one of the most impressive lists of features of any product we ever handled. It really makes you feel like owning the aircraft as you got to do the maintenance, cleaning and even decide what oil type to use. If any product made Microsoft slogan “As real as it gets” come true it got to be the Katana!

If you owned a version of the previous Katana sold by Aerosoft you are entitled to an update for a reduced price. Just enter the serial key of your previous version during the order process.

Details Here

Wilco Publishing Harrier Jump Jet

View more details and screenshots here

Iris Simulations F-22 Raptor Released

The Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22 Raptor is a single-seat, twin-engine fifth-generation supermaneuverable fighter aircraft that uses stealth technology. It was designed primarily as an air superiority fighter, but has additional capabilities that include ground attack, electronic warfare, and signals intelligence roles. The IRIS Flight Simulation Software F-22 Raptor is the second of the Platinum Series of aircraft after the successful A-10A Warthog product.


  • Custom soundpack by IRIS AudioworX.
  • Custom displays based on publicly available resources.
  • A wide variety of loadouts customisable through the FSX payload manager.
  • Superb flight models for the F-22 balancing high maneuverability and supercruise.
  • A wide variety of paintschemes in various US and fictional Non-US markings.
  • Custom in cockpit audio for the pilot, airborne warning controller, tanker operator and more.
  • Working cannon with sound effects and mission capable model for droppable ordnance saved games.
  • New design techniques including 'Lotus Style' landing light effects, in-game night vision capability and more.

Video Here, Purchase Here

Captain Sim 777-200 Captain External Released

  • 4X** high resolution textures of 7 popular liveries
  • Hundreds of realistic animations
  • Animation control panel
  • Transparent windows
  • Passengers
  • Stewardess model (various airline uniforms)
  • Wing flex
  • Wing vortices
  • Self-shade
  • Pre-saved views

View it in the Captain Sim store

X Plane News

CRJ-200 Nearly Ready for Release

Dash 8 Q400 for X-Plane Released

Fly J Sim has created a visually stunning, easy to fly, Q400 for us all to enjoy. Comprising over two years of development, it is finally here for you to enjoy!


  • Accurate flight model, comprised of hundreds of hours of in sim flight testing, using real world figures.
  • High resolution custom EFIS Displays. No default art assets used.
  • Highly detailed 3d cockpit created using over 250 high resolution photos and each part measured to scale.
  • Highly detailed exterior model, including all movable surfaces and lighting.
  • Cockpit night lighting, so you can enjoy flying, at whatever the hour.
  • Uses Gizmo plugin to add more depth to the default X-plane systems.
  • 8 liveries available, more made available to download on the forums.
  • Custom sounds created from actual Q400 recordings.

Learn more here

Carenado PA28 Archer II for X-Plane On the Way

View all of the delicious shots here!


Eric: Motorola Xoom, Thumb Key for Android.


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