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FSBreak 91: X-Plane 10 and MD-11

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Chris Palmer, and Nick Collett. News collected by Tom!

Listen Here:

Download Here

Watch Here:

Nick shared his MD-11 Level-D Simulator Experience

Learn more about it here

J Rollon CRJ-200 for X-Plane Released

Take Command!: CRJ-200 Features:

  • Custom simulated systems to mimic the real world aircraft, including a custom FMC!
  • Real world navigational data supported by Navigraph!
  • Beautiful custom displays drawn by vectors and with real world simulated pages!
  • Pop up displays when clicked on the panel!
  • Immersive lighting effects never seen before in other X-Plane aircraft!
  • Simulated ice, rain, and condensation! Visually stunning!
  • Fully interactive 3D cockpit, exterior model, and cabin interior!
  • Get the realistic airliner experience!

Check it out here!

X-Plane 10 Timelapse AI Traffic

A very cool comparison of real life vs X-Plane 10 traffic, check it out here!


Aerosoft iPad Radiostack app announced

When connected (via wifi) to your flight simulator PC the application will show the standard radio stack of FSX (two com radios, two nav radios, one ADF radio and the transponder), and will allow you to set radio's on your iPad.

We expect this application to be available via the Apple iTune store somewhere in the next weeks and will inform you when we got more information.

Link Here!


First Orbx FTX NA Central Rockies & New Zeland South Island Previews

Links Here, here, here, and here. Also, Guess that Airport!

Take on Helicopters: Modeling Update



Eric: Google Picasa

Chris: Penultimate for Ipad


Xavier Tassin - Creator of GE Flight Sim

I'm Xavier, the guy with the unpronounceable name ;) I am making GE-FlightSimulator.com

I recently ended-up on your site and was happily surprised to see your review of GEFS in the FSBreak 83 podcast. I am actually delighted to hear positive comments on GEFS from hard-core simmers: that means a lot to me.

If I may, here is a bit more info:

- GEFS can freeze sometimes when used in Google Chrome as, oh irony, the Google Earth plug-in does not run well in the Google Chrome browser. I would recommend using Firefox (even IE would do better here).

- I was sad to see some glitches during your demo: GEFS is still a beta version and I am struggling with the Google Earth plug-in as it's not perfect yet either. I also had some hosting issues as traffic increased very fast and I had trouble to scale accordingly: that's a good thing though!

- You understood that very well: GEFS is a casual way of flying in Google Earth, although it is not meant to be an arcade game and is aimed at an aviation enthusiast public. Technical limitations and time constraint forbid any fancy improvements (good graphics, complex instruments, etc...) but I am hopping things will evolve in the right direction and may be GEFS will be able to step to the next level. I am convinced, though, that GEFS is a major improvement compared to the built-in Google Earth simulator.

- GEFS is gathering a slowly growing community of players (about 12,000 unique visitors this month) that appear to be somewhere between arcade gamers and hard core simmers. They want to fly something realistic enough without being too complex.

- I recently released version 0.6 that includes new aircraft (Alphajet, MD11, Hughes helli, Hot air balloon), real time weather, chat, preference panel, etc.




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