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FSBreak 92: MS Flight, X-Plane 10, and PMDG

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Chris Palmer, and Nick Collett. News collected by Tom!

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May 2011 Microsoft Flight Screenshots

Check them out here, impressed, or not?


X-Plane 10 Lighting Update

First Post

Ben is talking about the differences in global lighting in version 10, and how it differs over how it worked in version 9. Version 10's lighting system is more true to life than v9.

For example: The light objects spill onto objects as they do in real life. It makes it easier for casual developers to create objects with great looking lighting.

Second Post

Bugs with lighting while trying to maintain compatibility with previous version 9 addons. During the day "double shadows", during the night "fake shadows.


Free Willy!

PMDG 737 NGX - Interior Lighting Demo

FTX Central Rocky Mountains Pre-Order

Preorder and save 15%.

$35 AUD/$37 US

Carenado Cessna T210M CENTURION previews


New Product: LINDA

Lua Integrated Non-complex Device Assigning

This program will allow you to assign key commands and joystick commands to premium products, from PMDG, A2A, Level-D, and more.

Requires a registered version of FSUIPC, no word on pricing yet.


Eric: When we left Earth

Chris: ForeFlight



 Flight Sim for Windows Phone 7

First of all, great work on the show! I've been watching your podcast for a while now and I like the casual discussion and the mixed shot from your screen while you're browsing...

The reason why I'm contacting you guys is because we're a team of two working on a new Flight Simulator and we'd love to hear what you guys think about it. It's called Infinite Flight and it runs on Windows Phone 7 (for now).

We have all the information about it (video, screenshots...) on our blog here: http://blog.flyingdevelopmentstudio.com/FlyingDevelopmentStudio/blog/

Be sure to check out the video so you can get a sense of what the sim feels like even if you guys don't own a Windows Phone 7 device.

We only have one airplane for now but the next update will bring another one. (coming this week). We are listening heavily to our customers' feedback in terms of what airplanes and sceneries they want to see in the sim in our future updates.

Let me know if you need more information about the project, we'd be happy to answer any questions :)

Thanks, and keep up the great work :)


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