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FSBreak 29: IVAO, REX 2.0, and your feedback

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Brendan Farmer, Danton, Vybhava Srinivasan, and Josh Rice.

Listen Here:


FS-GS Experience

Danton tells us more about his experience with FS-GS, a professional Flight Simulator tweaking service. More about their "Level II" service:

This service is conducted through live chat and involves a detailed investigation of the hardware and software environment of the users machine. We will investigate the problem and use hands on methods to enhance both the machine performance and the graphic software performance. On this level we will also make recommendations to the user regarding hardware or software upgrades that may be necessary and we will follow through with detailed descriptions of installation methods.

Danton is very pleased with it, as are many other customers! You can find out more about the service at fs-gs.com.

Real Environment Extreme 2.0 Released


  • Completely re-written Weather Engine that is detached from flight planner. They also Added new Random Weather Generator system.
  • Completely re-written Flight Planner. Simplified processes and added ability to load/delete previously created flight plans. Ability for user to import FSX/FS9 flight plans. Added new waypoint mapping feature.
  • Improved overhead performance throughout.
  • Improved graphic user interface.
  • Increased speed of graphical map overlay generation.
  • Increased process performance.
  • Enhanced realistic Thunderstorm Shear/Turbulence.
  • Added support for VATSIM weather
  • Added the ability to add/delete waypoints within the flight planner.

These items are just a few among the long list of features & fixes. The update is free to existing customers.


X-Plane: Inside Passage & Final Frontier Airports On Sale

The sale lasts until August 14th!
Picture 3
Inside Passage Scenery Pack:

  • 75+ Airports
  • 600 Miles of custom scenery from Vancouver to Prince Rupert, BC.
  • Includes Mountains & Glaciers, as well as airports.

Final Frontier, Alaska Scenery Pack:

  • Covers the South East panhandle of Alaska - From Misty Fjords National to Skagway.
  • More than 120 Airports & Seaplane bases.

The pack includes thousands of miles of scenery, including mountains, airports, seaplane bases, and ships. It also includes winter textures. Inside Passage + Final Frontier Pack: $34.95 for both. [Link]


Orbx Hervey Bay Airport for FSX

Orbx Simulation Systems is pleased to announce the immediate availablility of FTX YHBA Hervey Bay Airport.

Key Features:

  • Uses photoreal imagery captured directly overhead from an aircraft.
  • More than 100 square km of 60cm photo real scenery of the surrounding township... 16cm resolution around the airport and surrounding areas.
  • The entire township is reproduced in precise detail, with custom modelled marina, shops, hotels, apartments, jetty and much more.
  • The detail on the ground is such that you can drive a vehicle around on the roads and peek into shop windows, walk along the piers or boardwalks or even land a helicopter at the marina pontoon.
  • Includes:
    • Full GA AI traffic.
    • GPS Nav Approach Support
    • Airport Terminal, Hangers, vehicles, etc.

Price: ~$34.00 [Link]


Interview: Vybhava Srinivasan from IVAO

This week we spent about an hour talking with Vybhava Srinivasan, who serves as the PR Director, NPO Assistant Secretary, and NPO Governor #17 for IVAO.


Check out IVAO at IVAO.aero!




Danton tells us more about Aerosoft’s African Airstrip Adventures, and shares his screenshots!

More information on African Airstrip Adventures:

African Airstrip Adventures (AAA) is a cross over product that merges an advanced mission mode with high definition scenery. This addon will bring you closer to the fascination, the wildlife and the beauty of Kenya/Africa. The African Airstrip Adventures take FSX to the adventure level. With this addon you can finally experience all the wildlife you expect to find in Africa. Although this is a Flight Simulator X addon, it is not meant to reproduce Kenya as it is. Lots of names and places are fictional, even if based on real places and objects. We wanted to fill the gap between the simulation and the gaming aspect of FSX. So while the flying is highly realistic your environment is created to suit the mission career mode and not in the first place to be realistic. It will never be unrealistic however!

When Microsoft announced that FSX would include a realistic living world, we were all eager to go for safaris in Africa or follow birds on their way across the planet. Soon enough we found that – apart from eagles soaring in thermals – there are no animals to be found outside certain missions. With the African Airstrip Adventures we correct this absence. This addon covers an area of approximately 40,000 square kilometers around Mt Kenya, the country’s highest peak. More than 20 airstrips, custom scenery and landclass, landmarks, lodges, vehicles and of course thousands of birds and mammals are bringing FSX to life – more than everything you’ve experienced before.

But that is not enough. For the very first time in FSX, you can now start a career as a pilot in a fictional charter airline, the small ‘African Safari Charter’. Take on several different jobs, organize your schedule, choose the best aircraft for your assignment, maintain your aircraft, transport passengers and cargo, go on safaris – and of course master the challenging airstrips, which will afford all of your flying skills. The career mode is not simply a mission, it’s an unlimited adventure, with job offers popping up randomly. You can combine jobs, having to keep track of the aircraft’s load limitations and your time schedule. If you manage all of that you can climb the reputation ladder, collect rewards and have hours and hours of fun as an ‘African Safari Charter’ pilot.



Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

Brendan: Sag TV [Link]

Eric: WinchX Winch Launcher for FSX It allows to use winch launch anywhere on the world with very little prerequisites. Only the input from reality is needed as length of the launch cable, desired airspeed, and force limitation. Allows you to select:

  • Cable Length
  • Winch Speed
  • Force Limited

It acts as a stand alone program that runs along side FSX. It also includes a random interval (10%) of the winch cable rupturing. A great Free utility to improve FSX's default glider winch capabilities. [Link]



Danton Revisits Gabe's Voicemail from Episode 27

Danton says that he was able to put in an Intel T9900 chip inside the Laptop.

Brian has some comments

Thanks Brian!


Two Recommendations from Alan

I’ve just listened to show 28. Again yet another excellent show. After discussing the DodoSim 206 you seemed quite keen on the idea of a fixed wing model that simulates aircraft wear and tear, maintenance and failure. There is actually such a plane; available for both FS2004 and FSX. It’s the excellent Digital Aviation Dornier 27, available from Aerosoft. I highly recommend that you read a few reviews. (Link: http://www.aerosoft.com/cgi-local/re/iboshop.cgi?showd,,10175) A few shows ago you also seemed impressed with the freeware Glacier Bay scenery for FS2004. Another excellent piece of freeware scenery is VOZ 1.8 Complete, available here: http://www.vistaoz.org/ . This is one of the most well known freeware sceneries for FS2004. I thought that just in case some of your listeners had somehow missed it that it was worth mentioning. It’s made by the guys who make the payware Full Terrain Experience scenery addons for FSX. Check out some of the video’s on YouTube and I’m sure you will agree that the package is worth the large download (599MB). (Link: http://www.vistaoz.org/) Regards Alan Fletcher (UK)

Be sure to fly the $100 Martha's Vineyard Burger, and share your results in the forum!


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