FSBreak 119: Keith Smith of and More!

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Nick Collett, and Keith Smith of

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Keith Smith - Founder & CEO of

We speak with Keith Smith, founder & CEO of the network. Check them out at!


FTX EU England Released

After years of waiting, the most anticipated region release from Orbx is here. This is the beautiful, green and lush country of England resplendent in all its glory and infinite charm.

With FTX you'll experience England like never before with five distinct and accurately coloured seasons; summer, spring, autumn, winter and hard winter, and of course the famous FTX night lighting with 3D light poles. From the cliffs of Dover to the entire City of London to the Lakes District to Southampton docks and port, there is so much to see and discover in this wonderful country! Like our North American and New Zealand regions, every single default FSX airport in England has received a major upgrade with accurate runways, taxiways, buildings, static aircraft, PeopleFlow2 and even grass! Every square kilometre of landclass has been painstakingly hand-crafted and all our textures are tight annotated with autogen including custom objects like phone boxes and churches. You will truly be able to fly low and slow over England for the first time and feel totally immersed no matter what season or time of day. You simply cannot miss FTX England!

  • Over 130,410 sq km of FTX scenery!
  • Brand new beautiful ground textures
  • New trees made from local photographs
  • Roads, rivers, coastlines, lakes, railways
  • 10m Holgermesh for crisp definition
  • All major and many minor airports upgraded
  • Custom UK airport objects and markings
  • Impressively detailed City of London
  • Numerous polygon landclass areas
  • Hand-crafted landclass for entire region
  • Developed in Hampshire, UK
  • Hand placed super-accurate autogen

Check it out here at the Flight Sim Store!


Eric: Wind Tunnel Pro HD

Voicemail from Steve

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For X-Plane 10:

Multiple displays can be used with one computer in three ways. You can either:

  • configure plug two monitors into your graphics card (if it supports multiple monitors) and configure the monitors as entirely separate in your operating system;
  • purchase a video splitter like the Matrox TripleHead2Go, plug your monitors into that, and configure all your monitors as a single, super-large display in your operating system; or
  • using a technology like AMD’s Eyefinity (included with the Radeon 5xxx and later series video cards), plug your multiple monitors directly into your video card and configure them in the operating system like a single, super-large display.

If your multiple monitors are configured as a single large display in your operating system, all you need to do to have X-Plane fill the screen with a single large window is to check the run at full screen box in the Rendering Options dialog box. If, on the other hand, your monitors are configured in the operating system as separate displays, your best option is to have a regular, windowed version of X-Plane which you manually resize to fill as much of your display as possible.

You should be able to test this out with your current setup by downloading the X-Plane 10 demo here:



FSBreak 118: REX Essential Plus and REX Latitude

Hosted by Eric McClintock, and Brendan Farmer, and Special Guests Tim Fuchs, Reed Stough, and John Szatmary of REX Game Studios

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REX Essential+ and REX Latitude

Learn more about REX Essential Plus and REX Essential Plus Overdrive here, and REX Latitude here!

ZLA ARTCC Upcoming Events

Nov 10: from 2300-0300Z, ZLA will be hosting the Dominic Durden Memorial Fly-In featuring KLAX and KRAL. (More Details)

Nov 16: ZLA will host FNO with KLAX, KLAS, and KSAN from 0100-0500Z.