FSBreak 117: Starting out in Flight Sim

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Chris Palmer, and Brendan Farmer

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Starting with your First Flight Sim

Sims out there...

MS Flight:

Pros: Free, decent lighting/effects, easy add-on purchasing/management.

Cons: Region Limited, no longer developed/updated, limited add ons, no 3rd party add ons.


Pros: Widely supported (hardware and software), vibrant 3rd party community, low cost (~$20 US). Not region limited.

Free trial:

Cons: Dated (a bit) in terms of graphics, not as efficient/hardware friendly as modern sims.


Pros: Low cost, not region limited, still many free/paid add ons. Friendlier on older hardware (More than 4 years old).

Cons: Some New add ons dropping support for FS9. Dated in terms of graphics & development


Pros: Free, Opensource, Multi-Platform. Not region limited, 3rd party add ons.

Cons: Addon support may not compare to FSX or X-Plane. Hardware support may not be as complete as FSX. (Joystick configuration, etc)


Pros: Active development, 3rd party add ons, unique flight model/engine, great lightning/effect, multi-platform.

Free Demo:

Cons: Some big name products not on X-Plane, some bugginess for unique hardware setups (However, responsive developers). $69.99.


Pros: Built on top of FSX/ESP Engine, but still updated/supported by LM. Many FSX devs either use side-by-side licenses, or the add ons work with little configuration.

Cons: Licensing unclear (Not to be used for entertainment purposes), Not all add ons available for FSX may work with Prepar3d. Pro license is $199, student is $49.95.

aerofly FS:

Pros: Visually stunning, good hardware support (Track IR, etc), good flight model, multi-platform,

Cons: No add ons, cannot change time of day, region limited


Pros: Smooth running environment engine, visually a good looking engine.

Cons: Early days, basic flight sim, more for the bleeding edge user.

DCS (Combat Sim):

Pros: In depth, aircraft specific simulations. Engine is fine tuned to be a combat sim.

Cons: Packaged sim engine with aircraft, only useful for hardcore combat sims looking for the specific aircraft they offer.

Orbiter (Space Sim):

Pros: Free, space simulator, good graphics/effects, good flight model.

Cons: Can be a bit complicated for new users.


Getting Started for Free:

Free "Sims":

Free Addons

For FSX:

For X-Plane:

For All:

Your First Buys

  • Joystick or Yoke
    • Saitek X52 Joystick
    • CH Products for Yokes
    • Check eBay for used ones to save money
  • Rudder Pedals

FSX/X-Plane/P3D Addons: Carenado:

Trusted Addon Retailers (Among Many):

Other News...



FSBreak 116: X-Plane 777 and the demise of Flight

Hosted by Eric McClintock, and special guests Philipp Münzel and Ramzzess, and Kevin Miller.

Listen Here:

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Watch Here:

Ramzzess & Philipp talk about the upcoming 777-200LR for X-Plane

Find out more information on the forum, their Tumblr blog, or the video below:

KCFS Releases Republic Seabee V2 with P3D support, and an upcoming X-Plane version

Kevin Miller joins us and announces the KCFS Republic Seabee V2 with Prepar3d support, and he announces an X-Plane version in the works!

Learn more about the FSX/P3D Version here, and check that link for a $5 coupon through 08/30/12!

Kevin also sent us these two previews for the upcoming X-Plane version:

Kevin also speaks about his thoughts on the news of Microsoft stopping future development of MS Flight.


The Flyaway Simulations App for iOS or Android! (Free)


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