FSBreak 6: X-Plane Racing, VA Talk, BigFoot Adventures, and more!

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Brendan, and Joe

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X-Plane Racing Coming Soon For iPod Touch/iPhone

  • X-Plane racing lets you have timed races against a computer, or in multiplayer.
  • Multiplayer will be soon updated to ALL versions of X-Plane to iPhone for CURRENT customers, however Racing will only be sold with this new version.
  • Other versions will be upgraded once testing complete.
  • Multiplayer is ONLY for LAN! No Online Multiplayer.

More about X-Plane racing:

  • X-Plane racing comes with 4 regions, and 4 planes:
  • F4U Corsair
  • P-51 Mustang
  • F-4 Phantom
  • F-15 Eagle
  • A race course for each plane in each region, 4x4=16 total races.
  • Familiar "Green Hoops" in other flight racing games (Like FSX Airbull race, etc)
  • "Coming Shortly", our best guess is $9.99 for X-Plane racing.

Link to Article here. [Link]


X-Plane Racing has now been released for $9.99 as we predicted. [Link to iTunes Store]


Mike Stone’s Aircraft Available Again

Garry J. Smith from Australia reports “….. As many of you know Mike Stone has retired from the simming community and model development and has no desires to return to the hobby of model creation, modification or revisions. However, Mike has graciously granted permission for me to host for download all of his aircraft via the site……”.

“….. This is an excellent opportunity to gather together all 107 of Mike’s models and make them all independently available to the simming community from the one spot. To facilitate this I have created a web within a web which is exclusively dedicated to presenting all of his aircraft over several pages. The web pages now contain download access to all of the Mike Stone Aircraft. The new pages are here….”.

View the article on [Link], orgo straight to the website here. [Link]

Our thoughts:  We respect Mike's decision to keep control of his property, but the site can use some work (A search function and more robust server for starters) and the copyright can be loosened up a bit as it currently does not even allow the FS2004 aircraft to be converted to FSX by the community...


RDJ Simulation's Bigfoot Adventures for FSX

Have some unusual fun as a bush pilot in several exotic locations around the world while landing by ground, float plane and even freefall parachute. You then go on foot to track and tranquilize these elusive beast to cover it all up for the government. You get paid well and find all kinds of great hunting and fishing spots along the way for when you take your R&R. 5 Total Missions included:

  • Australian Outback
  • Louisiana
  • Amazon River
  • Washington DC
  • Tibet

Price: $18.00 [Link]

Share with us! What is your weirdest FS addon you have ever owned?


Get the flash player here: wants you to know about ForkLift Simulator

Yes, the simulator recommended by Adam on Episode 5...

Not Sure You Want To Know This But simMarket now carries a Forklift Simulator (in German language only). It is published by Astragon, the same company that also brought you the amazingly popular Farm Simulator and another few ‘games’ away from the ordinary. Actually, it is quite fun so why not give it a go? Available here on simMarket. [Link]

Again, this addon is available only in German, and will run you back EUR 19.99, or about $26 USD.


Link to article. [Link]

VA Discussion

Joe is a member of Delta Virual [Link], and Brendan is a training manager at Fusion Airways [Link]. If you are a member or an owner of a VA, tell us what your VA offers! Call our voicemail at 513-201-5426.

Quick Links

OpenSceneryX 1.10.0 Released

The OpenSceneryX project is a free to use library of scenery objects for X-Plane v8.50 and above. It is a collaborative effort by members of the community and the aim is to provide a good range of high quality scenery components for authors to use in their scenery packages. This version includes many new objects and modified objects. Among the new objects included are:

  • A drive-in movie theater screen.
  • A 90,000 litre Jet A1 fuel container.
  • A Helipad.
  • A tennis court.

For more information on OpenSceneryX check their website. [Link]

Captain Sim 727 Pro Pack 2.1

New features include:

  • Fuel dump visual effect
  • Leading Edge Devices Annunciator Panel
  • Door Annunciator Panel
  • Compass System Switch
  • Secondary Main Landing Gear Position Indicator Lights

The 2.1 service pack also includes a slew of other fixes. For a full list of fixes and update instructions visit  Captain Sim's website. [Link]

JustFlight Releases Traffic X Tutorial

The first tutorial for Traffic X - Creating, Editing & Deleting Flight Plans is now available as a 60 page PDF download from JustFlight's website.

It covers every aspect of creating, editing and removing flight plans in Traffic X. The creation of basic and complex IFR/VFR flights is also explained in illustrated step-by-step instructions. Other topics covered in this first tutorial include editing and deleting existing flight plans, creating circuit traffic and a detailed list of the errors you might come across and how to resolve them.

The tutorial includes complete diagrams and screenshots to guide you through creating your own traffic.

Link to PDF. [Link]

Poll Results

Last week's poll: In Flight Sim, are you a general aviation, or commercial pilot?

  • 25% say GA.
  • 25% say Commercial.
  • 50% Say Both.


Eric: Captigame, Freeware FS Video recorder. (Note, the site is up now however it looks like they are only in a private beta.) See the news post [Link], or visit their website. [Link]

Joe: AVWing Website for FSX addons. [Link]

Brendan: Mach1 freeware Scenery Design Group. [Link]


Chris is going around the (sim) world in a C172

I've been playing around with MSFS since version 3 but never really got around to being serious about it until I decided to start a trip around the virtual world in a 172 and blog about it. Check it out at I'm trying to keep it lighthearted and fun to read as well as learn as much as I can about proper flying. I really like your podcast and thought it'd be cool to maybe be on if you need guests or something to talk about.


What is the most significant event you have ever done in FS? Share your experiences, Use the form on our contact page, email, or call 513-201-5426.

Charles shares his view of FS2004 vs FSX

Thank you for a welcome addition to our passion. The show coming into its own very quickly. For brevities sake I will comment on the topic of FS longevity. I am mainly sticking to FS9 as I have a huge investment in add-os for same. Also some of my favorite planes are not compatible with FSX. I doubt they ever will be. I see no reason why I can't continue to use FS9 with all the fun I have had in the past. FSX was introduced way to early and is just now beginning to get its legs. So FSX will only continue to get better with age and when FS9 is too old and tired for me,I will finally be able to afford a PC that will run FSX properly. Continue the great work guys....Charles

X-Plane Community Podcast

For listeners wanting more in depth X-Plane content, check out the new X-Plane community podcast.

Topics discussed include Community News and reviews, X-Plane tips, the latest news from Laminar Research, interviews and more! From new user to experienced pilot, there is something for everyone.

We are not related to the X-Plane Community podcast, but we do want to let our listeners know if they are looking for an X-Plane only podcast!

Link to podcast. [Link]

Other Links:
Co Host Information

Voicemail & Other Contact Info


FSBreak 5: Free Megascenery Earth Download, Air Hauler Previewed, and More!

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Adam, Cam, & James. Listen Here: Subscribe to automatically get the latest podcast: iTunes, Zune, RSS XML, E-Mail, All Other.

Free MegaScenery Earth Download

  • Pick and choose areas that you want photo scenery for.
  • Prices for the scenery range from 1/4 cent to 1/2 cent per square mile.
  • Most areas are between 1,200-2,000 Square miles, and are priced at $7.49.
  • Approx. 1GB of scenery per area, available for instant download.
  • Complete states are priced at around $120, and a 65GB download. (They do have a price to include a hard drive shipped with the scenery)
  • City packs are also offered for $15-$30 per city.
  • They currently have almost 300,000 Square Miles in 182 areas in the United States.
  • They are adding new areas all of the time.
  • The scenery is FSX Only, and displays at 1.19 meters per pixel.
  • Each area includes day scenery and night scenery, and enhanced autogen scenery.
Free Scenery:
  • They are offering one area free, "WA-004" which includes a 1,300 Square Mile area around Mt Rainier in the state of Washington.
  • Free scenery is a 1.14GB download.
  • As a special promotion they are offering the first area purchase for $2.99, instead of $7.49.
Link to Free Scenery. [Link] 2008-12-24_10-53-55-903

Air Hauler Previewed

Air Hauler is an automated program that allows you to manage all aspects of your own air cargo company, and fly the flights in FS2004 or FSX. Features:
  • Airline startup options, you get a plane and a small amount of cash to grow on.
  • Manage multiple companies as their own entity.
  • Complete airline route, airport, and financial information.
  • Each airline has a base, Air Hauler will import your custom airports from FS2004 or FSX.
  • Each airport has a startup cost and a monthly lease.
  • It is able to automatically suggest possible airport candidates to add to your inventory.
  • Remembers where you left off your game progress. Even if in the middle of a flight and Flight Simulator is shut down, next time you start the game it will pick up where you left off.
  • Fuel prices vary from region to region, airport to airport, and between different fuel types that your aircraft require. It also pulls the oil price from the internet to reflect the real world price of fuel.
  • The program assigns jobs that need to be flown, and you are able to filter them and fly the ones you want tom and expire after 72 hours.
  • You are able to adjust FS settings such as time and simulation rate without penalty.
  • Aircraft limits are enforced. If your cargo is over weight you are not allowed to leave the airport. For a fee you may have the airport remove some fuel to make your aircraft lighter, and you are able to make stops for refueling, but careful flight planning is required!
  • Any aircraft can be used, freeware an payware.
  • However, aircraft must either be purchased or leased. The price depends on the condition of the plane.
  • Loans can be taken out to lease or purchase assets, and there are different loans available with different terms and interest rates.
  • Air Hauler even includes a stock market feature.
  • You can use your company's cash to purchase shares of real world companies at current market prices that are downloaded from the internet.
  • All costs are automatically determined from your flights and company. Including airport use fees, fuel, aircraft repairs, insurance, and loan fees.
  • At a certain point in the game, you are able to hire on virtual staff.
  • Pilot's skill levels differ, as do their salaries and efficiency.
  • Complex flight planning can be used for the flights flown by you.
The game is currently in late beta and will be released for FS2004 and FSX priced at $36.99 from JustFlight. [Link] You can also read John Allard's full preview. [Link] Screenshots: [nggallery id=3]

Tecnam P92 for X-Plane

The P92 is an advanced microlight, two-seater (side by side), single strut braced, high wing aircraft. The aircraft's outstanding performance and flying qualities together with low operating costs and easy piloting and maintenance, make this aircraft an excellent solution for the flying schools. The Tecnam P92 for X-Plane includes three versions:
  • Echo-S
  • JS (Certified Version)
  • SeaSky (Float Plane).
The aircraft includes a GPS-moving-map on all the three versions, and is priced at $13.95 for X-Plane. [Link] Screenshots: [nggallery id=4]

Quick Links

Wideview V3.0 Now Released

WideView is a program that uses networked PC's to create multi-monitor views and virtual cockpits using Flight Simulator.
  • Version 3.0 for FSX and Microsoft ESP.
  • Completely redone weather synchronization interface.
  • Adds custom camera to change view on all clients, and has improved support for Spot Plane view.
  • Other preformance improvements and features.
Version 3.0 which includes the updates features is only for FSX, and costs $34.95 USD. A FS2004 version is also still sold, however does not include these new features, it is also priced at $34.95. You can find more information and a demo here. [Link]


JustFlight Constellation Professsional Screenshots Added

The Constellation is one of the most graceful airliners ever to take to the air. With its streamlined and beautiful dolphin-shaped fuselage and triple-tail design, it cut a futuristic shape across the sky and set many "highest", "fastest" and "best" records - the L-1649A still holds the record for the longest-duration non-stop passenger flight, a remarkable 23 hours and 19 minutes covering almost five and a half thousand miles! All the models have been meticulously researched and are highly accurate renditions. As a result, the true character of the Constellation shape has been replicated and rewards the viewer from all angles. The profile of the early version and the bulk and noise of those primitive Pratt & Whitney engines come through loud and clear. No price has been announced yet, you can find more information and screenshots here. [Link] Screenshots: [nggallery id=5]

Vehicle Simulator Beta

Vehicle Simulator is a complete rewrite and redesign based upon Micro Flight and Virtual Sailor, resulting in a much denser scenery than before, excellent physical simulation, and scalable design allowing it to grow and contain more types of vehicles and objects. The greatest benefit of all is offering a single platform for content development for flight simulations, naval simulations, and land simulations. Vehicle Simulator includes a simple scenery design inside the 3D environment, making it much simpler for users to create and share content than before. Vehicle Flight Simulator 3.1 Beta has been released as a free download, and the final version will be available for purchase in the future. You can download your copy from their website. [Link] [nggallery id=6]

FSFlyingSchool2009 Version 2.1 Released

FSFlying school 2009 is a program which allows you to work with an instructor for flight training using Microsoft Flight Simulator. FSInventions announced a new version of its FSFlyingSchool2009 add-on for FSX and FS2004. Version 2.1 introduces new features which are free to existing owners of FSFlyingSchool2009. New features include:
  • Sound Device Output Selection - Multiple sound device outputs can be used. For example use a headset for voice and speakers for game sound.
  • Instructors Report Aircraft Failures - A great number of aircraft systems, instruments and switches can have a simulated failure when flying with FSFlyingSchool2009.
FSFlyingSchool 2009 is priced at $39.95, and a a limited area demo can be downloaded for free. [Link] Additional story can be found here. [Link]

Poll Results

Would you pay a monthly fee to play Flight Sim:
  • 72% Say no, they will not pay a fee.
  • 14% Say they will only pay a fee if the game comes free.
  • 10% Say they would only pay a yearly fee, such as $50 per year.
  • And only 4% say they would pay a monthly fee, such as $10 per month.
From episode 3: Does Microsoft owe third party addon developers an explanation to their future plans?
  • 89% Say yes.
  • 11% Say no.
This Week's Poll:


Eric: FSEarth 5.0 [Link] Adam: Fork Truck Simulator [Link] James: VFR Real Scenery [Link] Cam: FSPassengers [Link] gabelstapler-simulator-2009-2009-02-03-12-56-31-53


2009 Rocky Mountain Rumble + Route Suggestion

From Casey:
First off, I want to make sure you mention the 2009 Rocky Mountain Rumble. It is an annual event hosted by Denver ATRCC (vatsim based virtual denver center air traffic control organization). Anyway, it is Saturday February 28th 1100 to 2000 MST. It features KASE (Aspen-Pitkin County Airport), KCOS (Colorado Springs), and KDEN (Denver International). They, as well as many other surrounding airports will be fully staffed, something like 20 controllers. What’s cool about this event is that the controllers all get together in a single room (I believe in a convention center somewhere in Denver) and control from that central location. Additional information, preferred routing, and charts are available here. [Link] Next, I’d like to give some info for the route mentioned in Episode 4. If you choose to do a weekly route, the KDEN-KASE route is a great one to start with, KDEN-KASE.
Casey also sent more route information: Airport info: KDEN – Denver International Airport (5431’ MSL) ATC: KZDV – Denver Center ARTCC Additional info: Cat III approaches and multiple 12,000’ runways available SIDs and STARS available KASE - Aspen-Pitkin County Airport/Sardy Field (7820' MSL) ATC: KZDV – Denver Center ARTCC Additional Info Single runway: 15/33 (takeoffs not normally permitted on RWY15) Aircraft wingspan limited to 95’ or less (you can get a B737-300 in there, but it isn’t recommended); see AirNav website for additional aircraft restrictions. Airport open 7am to 11pm Preferred Approach is the VOR/DME C All departing aircraft MUST depart on the SARDD or LINDZ departures. This airport is very difficult. One of the most challenging [commercial] airports in the Rockies. I strongly recommend it. ATC Preferred Route: ROCKI6.DBL | File FL180, MEA is 16,000 | Expect VOR/DME C approach to KASE Recommended Airplanes: Citations, Learjets, Embraer regional’s, dehaviland dash-8, and if you have it, it is a common destination for the Flight1 ATR 72-500 (be careful in smaller aircraft, at the 2007 rocky mountain rumble I got disconnected by administrators for trying to fly into KASE in a J-3 Cub, twice.) Additional info: This is a very enjoyable 30 to 45 minute flight that ends in a bang. That approach to Aspin is really nerve-wracking. It is great fun and will be one of the busiest airports at the Rocky Mountain Rumble, but I’d practice the approach before then! Better to make mistakes when no one else is around. Resources: Send your route suggestions to us! Use the form on our contact page, email, or call 513-201-5426.

PC Pilots Ireland's Member's Setup

Last week we wanted people to share their virtual cockpits, and Terry from PC Pilots Ireland sent us a link to their site which feature some of their member's setups. [Link] Terry says that they plan on adding several other setups shortly. We want to see your Sim Cockpit! Use the form on our contact page, email, or call 513-201-5426. Other Links: Co Host Information Voicemail & Other Contact Info Just leave a comment (Bottom of Page)