FSBreak 4: Support Flightsim, PTaylor Comments, and more!

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Jordan G, & Adam J.

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Tell us what you think! Use the form on our contact page, email, or call 513-201-5426 Phil ends the speculation by saying that it is clear Microsoft has SOMETHING in the works, but we will just have to wait and see. Until then FSX is a great platform to build on. View the full article here. [Link]

New Film from JaggyRoad Films

Imagine you are watching an amateur edited video with a bit of music in the background to spice things up a bit. Nothing crazy, just a relaxing but fun experience you might find at a friend's TV on a late night while tipping back a few beers.

Video: Watch this video and JaggyRoad's other videos here. [Link]

GoFlight Integrated Communications Console

  • Features a Full-size COMM and NAV stack
  • Includes a prewired USB hub, just plug it in and use the configuration software.
  • Will run you about $900.

View more about the console here. [Link] Picture of Jordan's friend's setup: [nggallery id=2] Share your home cockpit! Use the form on our contact page, email and include an attachment or a link to your home cockpit!

Quick Links

Sandspit "X" Airport

This is one of the most popular and yet often forgotten airports in North America. From the very detailed and unique terminal building to animated "birds in flight" and Orca whales "splashing about" just off the coastline, we have done our best to capture the area's overall peaceful and serene feel.

  • Both FS2004 and FSX versions included.
  • Price: $15.00 USD.

More info at this article. [Link


Sky Diver 2009

A skydive 'simulator' for both FS2004 and FSX. Features 5 different types of animation. Also features a watch with Altimeter and different canopy colors. Price: $12.00 USD. Screenshot: Sky Diver 2009 Find out here. [Link]

Flight Replicas J-3 Cub

The J-3 is a small, simple, light aircraft that was built between 1937 and 1947. With tandem seating, it was originally intended simply for flight training, but went on to become one of the most popular and best-known light aircraft of all time. Four Models: Standard version on wheels. Standard version on Floats. Standard version on skis. 1941 Franklin-engined ”Flitfire”. Also features a full virtual cockpit, and is only for FSX. Price: $19.95 USD. [Link



Eric: iPhone Airport Lookup - Free [Link] Jordan: Flight1 Cessna Citation Mustang - $54.95 USD [Link]


Several suggestions from Rich, Rob, Jerry, & Don

Rich says:

You guys could do is a sort of "flight of the week" where listeners are invited to submit what they think is a great flight. For instance, if they flew KDEN-KASE and were really impressed with the difficulty of the approach, or the up-close view of the Rockies, they could write in and suggest it for the week's flight. Encourage submissions to include freeware and payware scenery downloads, route flown, SID and STAR charts, fuel planning, etc.

Rob Says:

In the future you might want to have segment where you review addins both freeware and payware. Each week you could have a different guest on where they discuss a new add-on and review the pros and cons of it.

Jerry says:

I think having a VA segment that interviews the CEO of their VA would have merit.  I would let the CEO drive some of the content - For Example - what would they like to tell the FS community about their VA in 5 minutes?

Jerry also suggests an interview with members from the Online ATC community, and perhaps an interview from an ex-ACES team member??? Lastly, Don writes in and says:

As the HR Director for MidCon Airlines, I sure would (like more VA news)! More news on the VA world, or even some profiles on some of the VA operations would be cool.

Jordan's VA: Fusion Airways [Link] Adam's Looking for a painter, Contact Baldwyn. [Link] View the VATSIM documents. [Link] We welcome any user reviews of scenery/aircraft/flight plans! Use the form on our contact page, email, or call 513-201-5426

Jason is staying away from X-Plane

Jason Writes:

Based on the comments I heard about X-Plane in the last episode I think I'm going to stay away from it for now. If the airflow is that disconnected from the joystick input, I don't want to play it. I'm quite happy with FSX especially now that I have the hardware to play it.

Download the X-Plane Trial here, let us know how it is! [Link]

A listener suggests the A2A P-47

I was dying to find a scenery package for NYC (I live there) and purchased Manhattan X for FSX... it's a resource hog but a terrific add-on. ... Also says: A2A Simulations has released their new P-47 with Accusim. They are seperate packs but the Accusim takes the experience to another level in my opinion...One of my complains with FSX was that all the aircraft were so forgiving and there was never enough feedback on what you're engine was doing... just full throttle and if only I could shoot something down...didn't we have that option in FSII? Tried the X-Plane beta and know that a lot of pilots rave about it... but that program has serious user interface issues.

Patrick has a quick technical question

Enjoy the podcast. Question: how do you do your conversations with guests, from a technical perspective? Are you using Skype and just recording?
  • Skype on a laptop into a mixer.
  • Output into another computer to record.
  • You can also use a program to record skype calls, just search google for "Record skype calls".

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FSBreak 3: X-Plane Beta 2, X-Plane Extreme for iPod Touch, and more!

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Mark, and Cam.

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X-Plane 9.30 Beta-2 for PC/Mac

  • New engine model to handle the proper air density at critical altitudes.
  • Auto-throttle PRESERVES the differences between various throttles in multi-engine airplanes.
    Example: If you MANUALLY drag the throttles in a multi-engine plane to somewhat different settings, such as, for example, 10% more throttle on engine #1, and then engage the auto-throttle, engine #1 will continues to run at 10% higher throttle than the others.
  • Rudder-pedal joystick-button/key-commands are back.
  • New option in Plane-Maker: Auto-slats below a certain SPEED.
  • Many other features, for more information and to download see X-Plane's website. [Link]

The reduced price of $39.99 for X-Plane has also been extended due to the recent news from Microsoft.

A summary of new features can also be found at this website. [Link]

X-Plane Extreme for iPhone/iPod Touch

X-Plane Extreme Edition has been released for the iPhone and iPod touch. This features a full simulation platform on your portable device, you can adjust your throttle, flaps, speed brake, etc. You also have the option to pick between 6 different regions, each with around 4 airports per region. You can also adjust the weather, time of day, and many other features. On the iTunes music store, Austin Meyer mentions that there may be a free update to allow for multiplayer flight.

X-Plane Extreme Screenshot

Included Aircraft:

  • F-22 Raptor
  • B-1 Lancer
  • B-2 Spirit
  • SR-71 Blackbird

Price: $9.99

iTunes Store Link. [Link]

What's next for Microsoft's Flight Sim partners?

  • The register interviewed Scott Phillips of Just Flight [Link], and Steve Halpern of Flight One Software [Link].
  • Both third party company's agree that for the time being, FSX is enough to develop for in the short term.
  • However, Halpern calls for Microsoft to announce any news about the series final future in the coming months, so his company can make long term decisions.[POLL HERE]

The article goes on to mention other simulators such as X-Plane [Link], and the open source FlightGear [Link].

To read the entire article from The Register, visit the page. [Link]

[caption id="attachment_216" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="FlightGear - The Open Source FS"]FlightGear - The Open Source FS[/caption]


New Microsoft Job postings

New job posting from Microsoft [Link] :

Join the team responsible for building the most fun and rewarding flying experiences available on Games for Windows Live. Microsoft Game Studios is looking for a veteran Lead Program Manager/Producer to help lead the development of a new broad-attraction flight-oriented game on the PC.

And another [Link] :

Join the team responsible for building the most fun and rewarding flying experiences available on Games for Windows Live. Does working on a small, innovative team that delivers the most immersive flight experiences available today on the PC intrigue you? Our technology makes available entire continents - potentially the entire planet - for a detailed and dynamic 3D experience. We are looking for a Project Art Lead who can define, refine, and extend the visual elements while balancing the need for fun and approachability for a broad set of users.

Read the article from SimFlight here. [Link]

Last Week's Poll: Do you think we will see MSFS11 released as a game on the xBox 360? The results were more than 5 to 1 NO:

FSBreak 2 Poll


Manhattan X for FSX Released

  • Covers the entire Manhattan Island (East Side, West Side, Uptown and Downtown) plus Ellis Island, Governors Island, Roosevelt Island, Statue Island.
  • Four heliports.
  • Very high density scenery with hundreds of detailed buildings.
  • Full FSX features using bump maps, advanced shading and reflections.
  • Scheduled ship traffic (Staten Island Ferries).
  • Many special effects included (like sounds, smoke, birds).
  • Mission that lets you take a $199 helicopter tour of Manhattan.
  • Professionally designed charts with all helicopter routes.
  • Price: ~31.00 USD, EUR 27.95.



Get the flash player here:


For more information, see Aerosoft's site [Link].

Quick Links


VRS Releases F/A-18E SP1

  • Service Pack 1 addresses some minor issues encountered subsequent to release as well as some enhanced features and additional liveries.
  • Current customers can update through their Aircraft Manager, or check the company's support site (Link in show notes) for a manual download.
  • The company also mentions that a FSX version is in the works.

Learn more at the company's site [Link] or read the post from SimFlight [Link].

Video [Link]:

JustFlight releases World Airports 3 North America on DVD

  • FSX and FS2004
  • Included Airports: KATL, KCLT, KCVG, MYNN, TJSJ
  • Price: £24.45 / €29.95 / $36.99.

More information here [Link].


Eric: iHud Glass Cockpit iPhone application [Link]. (Thanks Dredd!) Price: $5.99.

Cam: Aircraft Viewer Background Bitmaps for FS2004. [Link]

Mark: FlightAware Flight Tracking. [Link]

FlightAware Flights



Nicolás from Argentina has X-Plane Questions

Hi, I like a lot your program, but I would like to know if you can give a tip per podcast about the use of X-PLANE as it I have recently bought my first X-PLANE series, and due to the shut of ACES a lot of people is doing it and will do it.

Mark suggests fully calibrating your joystick before using X-Plane, and before starting a flight while on the ramp be sure to move your joystick or game pad to it's full range - Left/Right/Up/Down so X-Plane can properly determine the limits of your joystick.

Have an X-Plane tip for Nicolás? Use the form on our contact page, email, or call 513-201-5426.

Mickey from KLAS has a delima...

I enjoy the eye candy and some of the other advances made to it but unlike one of your guests on the show, I don't use the default aircraft at all. I get aircraft that are developed specifically for FSX and tested by real pilots (PMDG 747-400X, CaptainSim C-130X and the new Aerosoft F-16) these aircraft fly very similar to full-flight simulators, particularly the 744X.

Mickey also says:

  • He likes FSX, but cannot run with his sliders all the way up.
  • He was considering switching to X-Plane, but doesn't want to relearn all of the key commands.
  • His other choice is to purchase a new high performance/low cost gaming PC to run FSX with max settings.

What would you recommend for a FSX machine on a budget? Use the form on our contact page, email, or call 513-201-5426.

Benjamin asks - What about VA's?

Thank you for your excellent podcast! I have listened to both shows and can't wait for more! An idea for a future show: Virtual Airlines. I believe United Virtual is the largest and most prominent VA.

We're at a loss, what would you like to hear about VA's? Would you like to hear VA news, interviews, or nothing at all? Use the form on our contact page, email, or call 513-201-5426.

Other Notes: Happy 20th Birthday to Dave. [Link]

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