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R.I.P. Paulo Emanuele...

End of an Era - Part II

From Phil Taylor's Blog: "Aces did not get shuttered because FSX sold poorly. To the contrary, FSX sold decently, as this post recounted. And this post places its sales as north of 1 million units. Aces had "internal issues" at the wrong time. They got caught in a game of musical chairs without a chair." What do I mean by that?
  • They had issues in trying to develop 3 releases simultaneously ( TS2, ESP2, FS11 ) with current resources and had a schedule change as a result.
  • For the Flight franchise, P-12C ( Paul Lange, lead designer for FS 11 ) replied on this thread that the team asked if they could buy the IP and spin out, and was refused.
  • On a forum post, P-12C says "the answer was that MS believes in the IP and would not be willing to sell it.".
  • For the Train Sim franchise, Stone Lance ( Steve Heister, Core graphics programmer ) confirms TS2 is gone.
  • ESP is similarly gone.
Read the entire post. [Link]

About the Aces Team - From FSInsider

By now, many of you have heard that Microsoft has closed Aces Studio, the publisher of Microsoft Flight Simulator. This was not a reflection of the quality of the products Aces has developed, the sales performance of the games, or the quality of the team at Aces. This difficult decision was made to align Microsoft’s resources with our strategic priorities. Microsoft Flight Simulator X will remain available at retail stores and web retailers, the Flight Sim community will continue to learn from and encourage one another, and we remain committed to the Flight Simulator franchise for the long term. Microsoft Game Studios is investing significant resources in many exciting and new areas of gaming and entertainment, including Windows games. We believe these future investments will push innovation, community, and collaboration to unprecedented levels and will provide more synergy with our ongoing investments in Games for Windows - LIVE as well as other Windows entertainment technologies. We have nothing specific to announce at this time, but stay tuned for more information.
Read post on FSInsider.com [Link]

Will we see FS11 released as an Xbox 360 game?

Send us your comments too! Use the form on our contact page, email feedback@fsbreak.net, or call 513-201-5426.

Switching from MSFS to X-Plane

Microsoft has laid off it's entire Flight Simulator development team, and many people are not sure what to do next. Many tens of thousands of people have been switching over from Microsoft Flight Simulator to X-Plane for quite a few years, and the current situation at Microsoft would seem to indicate that this trend will continue at an accelerating rate...
Read the entire story. [Link]

Ai Flight Planner 1.6 Released

AI Flight Planner is a fully-integrated, TTools format-compatible AI flight planning tool for Microsoft Flight Simulator, both FS9 and FSX versions Features:
  • Freeware
  • Stock and add-on airport data collection.
  • TTools-format text files or compiled traffic files as source.
  • Conversion of FS9 flight plans and traffic files for use with FSX.
  • Validation of all aspects of flight plans.
  • Aircraft may be assigned directly from FS9 or FSX aircraft folders.
Read full feature list [Link] and Download it! [Link]

Quick Links

Ireland's Flight Simulation Expo 2009

  • The date has been set for the first "Ireland's Flight Simulation Expo" event.
  • The event will take place in the Clarion Hotel near Dublin Airport.
  • April 18th, 2009 from 0900 to 1800.
  • Cost: €4 for Adults, €3 for Children under 16, €10 for Family Ticket.
Book your ticket [Link], and read the news release [Link].

Carenado's C172N Skyhawk II for FS2004 Released

  • Interactive virtual cockpit
  • Full moving parts
  • FS2004 Lights
  • Full Dynamic Effects
  • ..Many More
This will set you back $26.95USD, and you can find out more about it both on their site [Link], and the press release [Link].

Update to Addon Converter X Released

  • Update introduces a standalone configurator tool and contains several bugfixes, including issues with quad core CPU's.
  • Update is free to existing customers.
  • Addon Converter X is a plugin for FSX that makes many add-on aircraft and sceneries developed for FS2004 compatible with FSX SP2 and FSX Acceleration Pack.
More information on the Addon Converter X website. [Link]


Cam: Free online ATC Simulator. [Link] Eric: PicNic FSX Addon - Adds more realistic ground textures for low altitude flying. [Link] Adam: FlightAware - Allows you to track flights by Airport, Flight Number, and more for free. [Link]


Raven Says - Thank You!

Thank you very much for this great podcast! Even though I'm a not a FlighSim pilot, but a X-Plane user I really appreciate listening to your show. Of course I wish you a lot of success in the future!
This is just many emails we got from the FS community supporting this podcast. Thank you everyone for their support!

Ruben Has Some Suggestions

Its was not that good. I would prefer something on the lines of actually showing how to do stuff, like aircraft painting, using 3d max, missions on fsx, adding objects to scenery, AI aircraft route creation etc. . Talk, well there are plenty of forums out there.
Tell us what you want to see, Use the form on our contact page, email feedback@fsbreak.net, or call 513-201-5426.

James Wants Some Advice

I just listened to your podcast and I enjoyed it immensely. I am just now getting back into flight simulator after several years absence. I own FS2000, FS2004 and FSX. Any preference on which one to learn on? Meigs Field in it so any tutorials probably would use it as a starting point.

Sean says MSFS IS a Simulator!

I think that Flight Sim is a simulator and not a game. I think they tried to add the gaming elements in with fsx but its not what I use it for. I am a pilot in real life but due to financial constraints, I cant afford to fly currently, so I go out and fly in the sim and keep my skills up. I also take little vacations by flying over area I'd like to visit, so I think it is a simulator more then a game. .. Sean also goes on to say he is upset about the ACES slorure, as they were the center of the FS universe and the ACES team members were active in the FS Community. He is sorry to see them go... As we are too.
Other Notes: James is looking for aircraft painters for the Fszone VA, you can get in touch with him here. [Link]
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FSBreak - Episode 1

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Microsoft Closes ACES Studios

As a part of Microsoft's 5,000 person layoff, they have announced that in their first round of 1,400 job cuts that ACES, the studio that develops the "Microsoft Flight Simulator" series, is deemed no longer necessary and would be shut down. Reports from various sources say that some employees were given 24 hour notice, and others were given 60 days to find another job in the company. Microsoft will leave only 6 employees at ACES, which is presumed to archive code, and serve out existing contracts. Other Information:
  • Microsoft's Flight Simulator has been in development for 27 years, since 1982.
  • 6 Employees left to archive code, they will work for ~6 months.
  • 100,000 FS Fans Facebook Group [Link]
You can find this story in various places: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4, Link 5, Link 6, Link 7, Link 8, etc... What does the closure of the ACES studios mean to you, and to 3rd party devlopers? Will Flight Simulator live on? Tell us what you think.

AVSim Looking for Tech Manager

News Release from AVSim.com:
Are you an avid simmer? Do you know Linux - inside and out? Do you know MySQL and are conversant in building and maintaining databases? Do you work well under pressure? Do you have time? If so, this volunteer position may well be yours. AVSIM is looking for a tech guru who can run and manage our back end systems, who can take the pressure of managing servers that cater to millions of hits and serve tens of terabytes of information a month and whose reliability is of primary focus. This position sits at the heart of everything that AVSIM does. If you are imminently qualified to run a multiple server farm and can take the "heat" of the position, then we would like to talk with you. If you have the qualifications and the time, please send us an email to The AVSIM Board of Directors. Because of the sensitivity of this position, you will need to include at least three personal references.

AVSim FanCon 2009

  • Will be held in Dayton, Ohio USA
  • September 4th, 5th and 6th
  • The FANCON venue will be adjacent to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base with easy access to the Aviation Museum.
Price List:
  • Registration for the Exhibition and Papers Sessions ONLY - $15.00
  • Friday Night Social - $60.00
  • Saturday Night Awards Banquet - $80.00
  • The Whole Package; Social, Banquet and Exhibition / Papers Sessions - $145.00
  • Exhibition + Friday Night Social - $75.00
  • Exhibition + Saturday Night Banquet - $95.00
  • Vendors: $800 for 8ft table, $1,000 for 16ft table.
For more information, and to RSVP, see this [Link].

A pilot's eye view of US Airways flight 1549 - Done in FS

Watch: View the video from the BBC [Link]. In your mind, is Microsoft Flight Simulator a game, or a simulator? Tell us what you think.

Captain Sim 727 Pro Pack

Press release from Captain Sim:
The Pro Pack is a fully functional 727-100 aircraft with all systems, flight model etc. Those who purchased the Exterior 100 before will have a chance to purchase 727-100 Pro Pack for a 10 euro discount. Those who purchased 727-200 Exterior will also get 10 euro discount on the 727-200 Pro Line Exterior models once they get released.
More about the Captain Sim 727 Pro Pack [Link]. What is your favorite FS addon? Tell us here. Thank you for listening to our first episode! Co Host Information Voicemail & Other Contact Info Just leave a comment (Bottom of Page)


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